WhatUsersDo Review – Make Legit Money At Online Portal

WhatUsersDo is a website testing portal that can be used to earn extra money for evaluating websites and forms. This is called a user test or usability test where the individuals have a chance to earn money online.

Basically, the website owner can test a prototype site with real individual users and test its usability and bugs. This is where we come in. Individuals can register as a website evaluator and get paid to rate several published websites as soon as they are delivered to individuals in several ways.

As the name of the platform suggests, the objective is to determine the habits and impressions of users when browsing a website, as well as the simplicity and ease of the usage of the site. If individuals look closely at the logo, they will also see a more diminutive part that states why people do it.

Official NameWhatUsersDo
ServicesWebsite Testing
MeritsEarn Money Online
SiteOfficial WebSite

The Joining Procedure For WhatUsersDo Review!

It is very easy to join WhatUsersDo as a newly enrolled tester. Users can see that the website has two parts. One for hiring organizations with proven websites and apps, the other for testers like you. Here is the direct link to the tester enrollment procedure to follow. However, check the entire website to familiarize yourself with the officially obtainable services.

There are four stages to using the WhatUsersDo:

  • Sign up and create an official account
  • Download screen recorder
  • Take a custom test to familiarize yourself
  • Take real tests and earn payment
  • Once on the registration page, all an individual has to do is enter basic data about yourself, inclusive of the PayPal email address to which the payment should be forwarded.
  • Users will also be asked which means you need to test.

Testing the tablet/phone on the PLUS computer/laptop can bring you even more money as more test invitations are expected to be sent to the relevant user through the mail. Don’t be in a rush and fill out all demographic data. In this way, WhatUsersDo can give the best evidence for individuals and also to the client.

It may be fun, but individuals still want to make money. How much can any user earn with the official online portal of WhatUsersDo?

All About The WhatUsersDo!

WhatUsersDo is a client service platform that gives insights into individuals digital experiences. It is utilized by more than 1,500 consumers who have made it an significant part of their business methods. Users can select between three kinds of tests:

  • Website Usability Testing – Helps the firm to identify what individuals on the site find difficult or complicated so individuals can give suggestions so that the site is easier to use.
  • Website Benchmarking – Associate the user experience on the website to that of competitor sites to see which one is more manageable to use for the people.
  • SEO Research – Obtain out how browsers typically search and which sites to visit.

Online Portal Requirements РWhatUsersDo Review 

The qualifications to be a WhatUsersDo website tester are comely simpler for the individuals to visit on:-

  • Fast internet connectivity
  • Also, a laptop or computer (PC, netbook, or Mac) with a newly installed browser and at least 1GB of RAM in the device
  • A Paypal account to get payments
  • Financed browsers

Internet Explorer 7 & higher

  • Firefox 2 & higher
  • Safari 3 & higher
  • Google Chrome

Process To Earn Money At WhatUsersDo Platform

Here’s the process to get started. On the home page, watch for the yellow as of the option Get to try section in the upper right edge. Then, tick on the orange “Become a Tester” button on the landing page to enter a small form that asks for the contact details.

They currently accept claimants from the US, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, France, and Australia. Most mortgage systems are uniquely open to residents of the USA and sometimes Canada, so I especially like that adaptability.

However, before applying, make sure that the computer meets the minimum obligations listed above the form. Users will require at least a 2 GHz dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, 5 GB of space, a built-in or surface microphone, a high-speed Internet connectivity, and also a PayPal account.

Once the actual test is complete, users will also get a short 5-minute test with demographic data. Individuals do not require to return to the dashboard as individuals will be informed by email each time a new trial is accessible. In this case, account users need to hurry up and do it quickly if possible, otherwise, it will terminate.

There is something very remarkable to remember. After downloading the video, also answer the issue about the shutdown. Otherwise, individuals run the risk of not signifying paid.

Portal Benefits – WhatUsersDo Login

Finally, what users do helps website owners increase reformations. By complying ordinary individuals using their websites, our customers gain valuable insight into what real individuals are doing on their websites and discover what is difficult and frustrating for them.

Not particularly can individuals see how the user experience can be developed, but they can also handle common exceptions. And the most satisfying part is, you only require a 5 person test to get most maximum of the issues.

Our service enables them to immediately run usability analyses on ordinary individuals to experience those moments on their foreheads that are so comfortable to miss when some if the enrolled individuals dig into the particulars.


Simplicity for all purposes, no code expected by the WhatUsersDo firm. This is one of the best traits about this tool. WhatUsersDo Review has shown that collecting user feedback in real-time is the most accurate and efficient way to collect information about user experience.

The official online portal WhatUsersDo allows the company to invite relevant clients with its private panel opinion. Users can also modify a number of supplementary filters such as socio-economic status, age, gender, etc.

This is exactly what they are watching for. Why is the fundamental inquisition of any project. It describes the current status and can assist to assume, influence, or modify it in the future. If you have any queries, mention it in the comment section below for mere assistance.