Major Factors Affecting E-Learning Game App Development

The mobile game app development industry is evolving. In 2021, there were approximately 2.7 billion mobile game players in the world. With growing technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), the number of gamers is likely to increase in the next few years.

So, what makes the gaming industry popular? Perhaps, ease of access is the primary reason. Installing a game on a smartphone does not require any complicated manipulations. Click the install button and you are ready to play your favorite game in a minute.

Mobile game development is profitable

With thousands of mobile games available on the app store, a mobile game app offers an opportunity to generate long-term income. Those who wish to venture into this lucrative sector are inquisitive and curious about the cost of game app development.

Game development budgets are determined based on multiple factors.

Today’s article will help you delve deeper into the factors that affect mobile game development costs.

Mobile gaming industry statistics

  • In 2021, there were an estimated 2,659.5 million players worldwide.
  • According to research, revenue from mobile gaming industry will grow at a CAGR of 2% by 2024.
  • In the US, more than 72% of the population plays games on their mobile devices.
  • US mobile game revenue could touch $22,828 million in 2022.
  • The mobile gaming market dominates over 50% of the revenue of the global gaming industry. [1]

Major Factors Affecting Game App Development Cost

Generally, estimating mobile game development costs involves 2 steps.

1. Free initial cost

This is a trial period that lasts for a day or two. Players can download the game for free. The free initial phase gives a rough idea of the game development budget before finalizing a deal.

2. Accurate mobile game development costs

This phase gives clarity on the total cost involved in the game app development process. The agreement specifies various operational phases and terms with clear explanations of outcomes. Game app development costs also involve development and distribution costs. For example, getting a developer license from Apple costs you $100 annually, while Google charges about the same amount but with the convenience of a one-time payment.

Estimating mobile app development costs in the early stages is challenging for any game development company. Either you need to be skilled enough to know the results or be tech-savvy to estimate labor costs at each step of the development process.

Major Factors Affecting Mobile Game Development Cost

Let us now know the key factors that play an important role in determining the mobile game development budget.

Mobile game engine

Mobile game engine platforms play an important role in determining the total cost involved in developing gaming apps. Be it iOS, Android or any other platform, it is very important to choose the right option from the gaming app in terms of budget or cost.

While developing mobile games on the Android platform is cost-effective, on the contrary, working with iOS is quite expensive due to the number of restrictions imposed on its App Store applications.

Choosing a single platform will not generate much revenue. Hence, opting for cross-platform for app development will effectively cut the benefits of the platforms you want to work with. While game app development costs will increase, so will profits and consumer base.

Different types of games and their complexity

Like developing mini-games Temple Run And Subway Surfer Not complicated. Developers rarely take a week to develop casual small games. Basic graphics and game controls are easy to handle and don’t complicate the developing process. If you focus on developing smaller games, you are less likely to exceed your estimated game development budget.

Mid level games eg Angry Birds or Cut the rope Visual effects, sound, story, characters and interface involve complexity. These games offer several levels for players to explore and are more expensive than smaller games.

Including high-level games hay day or Clash of Clans, include a well-planned monetization system. They demand a wide budget due to the engaging story line and the rich content they offer to the players. The cost of developing these games is high as such games involve skilled developers who take almost a year to develop the games.

AAA games eg PUBG Mobile And GTA Big budget game. These games usually involve a large team of developers and costs vary significantly depending on the type of game and its level of complexity.

Also, the costs of developing 2D and 3D mobile games depend on the functionality they offer to mobile game players.

In short, the more complex the game, the higher the cost.

Game app design

Designing a mobile game follows a multilayer process. A well thought out design plan can make a game app free from bugs and glitches. Professionals involved in this app design and development process are UI or UX designers or architects. The cost of hiring these professionals depends on their skills and work experience.

Marketing strategy

Even if your mobile game is engaging and fun, until it reaches the right audience, your efforts are not worth it. This requires a planned marketing approach. And it demands investment in marketing your product. Sometimes, the advertising budget is more important than the game development budget. It is often observed that the marketing budget reaches up to 30% of the total budget to achieve profit. The success of a game depends on how effectively it is promoted to the target consumer base.

License cost

The cost of developing a mobile game app also depends on the type of software the game requires. The cost of purchasing a famous IP license is higher than an open source license. Many developers often ignore paid software and opt for free alternatives that offer similar functionality. However, creating a high-end game requires specialized hardware and software and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Game App Test

Gamers demand an enjoyable gaming experience. No one likes a slow and buggy game. Therefore, testing the app is as important as developing it. Generally, the cost of testing a mobile game app is determined by the amount of time required to test the game app and the testing rate charged by the company. QA engineers usually check the following while testing the game app:

  • Proper functioning of the app
  • App security
  • Functionality of the app

Testing costs are relatively low if the game is bug free. However, if the game has errors and bugs, you should spend some more dollars to fix them before releasing them on different platforms.


Regardless of the type of mobile game you want to develop, you should focus on delivering quality and engaging games. Graphics must emphasize the key features of the games being developed. However, it’s essential to remember that, whether you’re a small game developer or a high-level game developer, you should be able to balance development costs and consistent content production.


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