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Walmart Survey at the official site creates a powerful bond with the customers with the online survey platform. The attachment allows the mutual transfer of ideas and beliefs regarding the services of Walmart.

To help Walmart give a better purchasing experience to all the customers, the company rolled out the official survey. Hereby, there are the survey steps by following which every individual can take the survey appropriately and win exciting prizes along with the $1000 Gift Cards.

Official NameWalmart Survey
RequirementOriginal Receipt
MethodOnline & Offline
BenefitsGift Cards
SiteOfficial WebSite

How To Take The Walmart Survey?

Make shopping at a participating Walmart retail store within February 1, 2020, and January 31, 2021, and see for a survey invitation on the original purchase receipt. All vouchers may not constitute an invitation to Walmart Survey.

  • Please save the original receipt and visit within 14 days of the visit date registered on the front of the Walmart receipt.
  • List the company, TC, and date of visit in front of the receipt, along with the full name, postal address, telephone number, and age in the relevant fields.
  • Complete the Walmart Survey and match the Submit button.
  • Registration must be accomplished and submitted inside 14 days of the visit date or no later than after the completion of the survey.
  • If the registration date is over or later, then the customer is not eligible.
  • There is a limit of one listing per original Walmart Survey receipt.
  • Write the full name, mailing information, reliable phone number, age, and postage on a post-card which may be no less than 3 1/2 x 5 inches and no more than 4 1/4 x 6 inches with accurate and relevant postage.

Walmart Survey Giveaway at the address listing at 123 Front Street West, Box 13, Toronto, Ontario. All the entries sent by mail to the mentioned address must be originals, not photocopies or other portrayals, and must be obtained during one of the periods specified in the official survey site. All postcards must be conveyed separately.

Walmart Survey Compensation

For each survey you finish, customers will receive $ 500, inclusive of the coupons, transportation, and funds to the appropriate segments should you need to be the role of the service. Customers’ job will be to evaluate and comment on consumer services at a diversity of stores, eateries, and services at the Walmart official stores.

Not many individuals know this, but you can really access Walmart’s survey platform and also get data online without any relevant purchase. Customers can do this 78 times in any 3 month period and increase your possibilities of winning. Basically, it’s like getting a free lottery ticket!

The procedure to enter the contest without buying at any Walmart Stores:

  • Go to this Walmart Survey page.
  • Just fill out the survey issues.
  • You can also compete without registering with an email.
  • Take a 3 1/2 “x 5” and maximum 4 1/4 “x 6” postcard and mention the name, address, contact number, year of birth, and the date and send the post-card at the address.
  • The mailing address for the Walmart Survey at T1 2018, PO Box 10427, Rochester, NY 14610.
  • The limit is one contribution per individual at the entry.

How To Earn From Walmart Survey?

Walmart Survey offers selective and relevant individuals with the offers and prizes if they meet the relevant eligibility criteria. Check out the offerings by the company in the Walmart Survey.

  • 5 foremost prizes for 5 separate winners. Each winner will get a $1,000 gift card from Walmart if they get placed in the shortlisting procedure.
  • 750 first prize winners will win a $ 100 gift card from Walmart.
  • The total prizes are $ 80,000 throughout the survey.

Walmart Survey of Gifts and Rewards

The design will include twelve distinctive designs and each design will be obtained from all eligible entries for that design as shown in the table. The first three entries chosen for the drawings within the rolled out dates by the Walmart Survey team will be eligible for a prize subject to agreement with the Official Rules.

Odds of accomplishing a particular drawing depend on the number of the eligible entries authorized for the survey drawing. Each entry is only permitted for one drawing and is not entered into subsequent drawings. Random names will be done by a sponsoring agent found at the Eastern Time on the appropriate signature date.

Three prizes will be prepared for each survey shortlisting throughout the survey period. Each prize from the company consists of one Walmart gift card considered at CDN 1,000. There is a whole of three prizes that will be given by the shortlisting procedure.

A total of thirty-six prizes to be allowed throughout the Walmart Survey, with a total value of $ 36,000. Prizes must be taken as is and are not transferable. No exchanges or currency exchange are allowed.

If a prize is not feasible, Sponsor maintains the right, in its sole responsibility, to replace a prize of equal or greater value. Gift cards are subjected to the Walmart Gift Card norms. There is a frontier of one prize per individual.

The sponsor is not liable for any lost, slowed, illegible, removed, distorted, inadequate, invalid, unintelligible, misinformed, technically disabled, or complex screen. The sponsor is not liable for lost, damaged, inadequate, or illegible receipts and such vouchers will not be replaced by the firm after the confirmation.

Incomplete experiences are not available. Online survey files must be accommodated within 14 days of the corresponding visit date or no later than or after the completion of the survey, or later to be available.

Postal records that are not collected by the date stipulated in the table under the legitimate rule 4 for a particular design are not authorized for that design but may be included for the next design. Proof of submission does not compose proof of receipt by the sponsor.

Further Particulars About The Walmart Survey

In the published consumer reports, 55 supermarkets were ranked for overall gratification, as well as the registered price, service, cleanliness, and also for the quality of perishable welfares.

Stocks, prices, and in-store occurrences that exceed the customer’s expectations. In recent years, everything we can to guarantee the nature of our meat and products and has observed that our customers are reacting confidently in the survey feedback form.