Toluna Reviews – Win Cash Rewards With Toluna Surveys

Often when users are looking out for the earnings through online surveys, where users will be requested to answer questionnaires on topics that may not entertain you. However, on the Toluna Reviews portal, it is much different than the peer sites.

On the Toluna Reviews porta, individuals can take Toluna Reviews by categories that interest them, for instance, Electronics or travel as per one’s choice. This is an enormous advantage for participants as they have to register once only.

Official PortalToluna Reviews
CategoryOnline Survey Platform
BenefitsMake Money Online
Earning FormatPoints
SiteOfficial WebSite

Access The Toluna Reviews Login Portal

To access the Toluna Reviews portal to take the Toluna Surveys, every member must be registered at the official site. To log in with your registered account, here are the mere steps to follow:-

  • Go to the official site of Toluna Reviews portal
  • Check out the listings made by the Toluna Influences
  • On the top right corner, click on the login tab
  • Participants will be redirected to the login section of the official site
  • Enter the login credentials like email id or username and the attached password in the relevant section.

At the bottom of the page section, there is a register tab for the participants who have still not registered. They can enter the details in the registration tab to register and take Toluna Surveys.

Toluna Reviews Portal Particulars

Since Toluna Reviews is a survey platform, participants will require to spend time answering relevantly chosen surveys and questionnaires. The best way to receive invitations that match the user profile is to make it as detailed as possible.

Although each survey starts with some basic initial questionnaires that indicate whether users are a good companion, after completing the profile it will be given additional photos to complete the entire survey.

Participants have a large community to check out if they have a question about one or more further products or services. This is where Thumb Its and Battles come in, however, the difference between them is quite simple.

At the official site, make a statement about a product and ask users to read it. Participants can scroll up or down and based on the feedback, you can draw your own well-informed conclusions.

Also, they can even create their own surveys. In extension to the sponsored polls cited above, created by corporations asking for the opinion, users can create their own personal polls with up to 10 polling alternatives immediately from the Create menu.

This is one of the most manageable interfaces in comparison with peer sites. Communication on doesn’t simply involve standard acknowledgments and multiple options. Individuals can create a topic and begin a surprisingly open conversation with other users.

The contributions to Toluna Reviews can earn you points and exchange them for guaranteed prizes when you enter the desired amount or try the luck first with a gift. For each Toluna Surveys, poll, or questionnaire a user completes, a set number of points will be entered into the virtual wallet.

Gifts can be transferred to other individuals. If users are lucky enough to get the award that has confirmed the possibilities, individuals can send it to the personal email address or surprise another friend.

If users like to try new things, they can register themselves as a product tester. Again, this is a chance to win the lottery where brands examine their new products to get accurate feedback from the individuals.

Toluna Reviews also operates a raffle every month. However, to join in these events, users must have an “Active Member” situation and a profile photo.

How Much Money Can I Make With Toluna Reviews?

Most Toluna Surveys pay around 1,000 to 2,000 points and the survey lasts between 5 and 20 minutes. Sometimes though, some distinctive survey pays much more than that we found a 15-minute survey that got up to 6,000 points and relevant others much more.

5500 Points equals about £ 1, which is not a comprehensive amount, particularly since some surveys take a longspun time and still pay a diminutive amount. So, it goes outwardly saying that users should prioritize ever shorter surveys with higher bonuses.

Sometimes variations in the points and time needed to make this decision can make the selection of the survey difficult. But don’t worry, individuals can instantly calculate this by halving the number of points proposed by the number of minutes it takes. This is how users get points per minute (PPM).

Get Paid With Toluna Reviews

To illustrate this, we will use the two parts from the earlier survey. The Lifestyle Survey gives up to 6000 points and takes 15 minutes, which means individuals taking the survey can earn up to 400 PPM.

Meanwhile, the market survey receives 1,200 points and necessitates nine minutes, which expects users can earn up to 133 PPM. Lifestyle Surveys is obviously the most economical usage of the time!

If individuals want to take things to the following level, they can even convert PPM to a comparable hourly wage. All individuals have to do is raise the PPM by 60 to get the hourly rate, then arrange the remaining number by 5500.

Toluna Reviews Offers & Prizes

Toluna influencers say on their official website that awards can take up to 8 weeks to be released once claimed after taking the relevant survey. However, many members get virtual gift cards and PayPal payments within weeks after they are claimed.

All prizes are redeemed through the Toluna Influencer Reward Center in the Community list of the profile. As stated above, rewards include gift cards to Best Buy,, Redbox, PayPal, The Cheesecake Factory, and several others.


Toluna Reviews is a fun place to try, but like all the survey sites, users can’t expect to get rich with this platform. That being said, the more user invest, the more they can profit and it is unquestionably not a scam.

However, certain things take a long time. Although individuals have several places to contribute, all of the answers should be clear. This means that they can’t just copy and paste words and use them over to comment on various topics, which will give them more points after taking each survey.