The L&D innovator’s gateway to immersive learning and the metaverse

Demystifying The Metaverse and Immersive Learning

The tricky thing about the metaverse and immersive learning as a whole is that they seem shrouded in so much mystery. Of course, some of us have welcomed VR into our daily lives, whether it’s slipping on an Oculus headset or losing ourselves in an AR app. However, the concept of using immersive learning technology in training is still somewhat elusive. Fortunately, this ebook is about to change all that.

Ebook Release: Ready, Learner One?  The L&D innovator's gateway to immersive learning and the metaverse

Ebook release

Ready, Learner One? The L&D innovator’s gateway to immersive learning and the metaverse

Discover who (and what) lives in the metaverse, four powerful use cases for immersive learning, and what the future holds for virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

Tomorrow’s XR technology is harnessing today

Virtual reality was once the stuff of sci-fi dreams. However, today, it is an integral part of many L&D programs. You can use it to provide real-world experience without risk, build employee confidence, and unite your geographically dispersed teams. The possibilities are endless when it comes to XR applications in online training and employee development. One of the most significant benefits is being able to develop an emotional connection with your students. They’re not just reading about situations or core company values, they’re living them in a virtual environment.

Fortunately, you don’t need to have coding or programming knowledge to create an immersive learning experience. This eBook shows you how to choose the best partner for your needs and start your XR journey. You’ll learn how to make the most of immersive learning to move from theory to practice and develop relevant learning programs for your team.

About this eBook

How can you use Metaverse to your L&D advantage? What are the different types of reality you should consider? Where do you even begin? Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find in this e-book. It covers everything from XR examples and metaverse myths to immersive learning predictions.

  • Tutorial: What is the Metaverse? – More importantly, what’s in the metaverse for L&D?
  • How do I start? – Follow this step-by-step guide to gauge your organization’s readiness to embark on an epic immersive learning quest.
  • Walk me through your L&D use cases – Immersive learning should not feel like a plunge into the unknown.
  • Forecasting the future – Experts share what lies ahead for XR technology and immersive learning—and how it can help L&D influencers create more engaging learning experiences.
  • Help me find one – Ready to meet your perfect-match immersive learning partner?


Download Ebook Ready, Learner One? L&D Innovator Gateway Immersive Learning and Metaverse to unlock the full potential of immersive learning for your organization.

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