The challenge of custom learning and hybrid training with Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar DN discusses the building costs and benefits of a powerful learning platform

Suresh Kumar, CEO of Tesarakt Learning, is a teaching professional with more than 17 years of experience in DN, strategizing and providing learning solutions for different client needs. She works with clients around the world to understand their learning and training needs and offer the best education solutions to improve employee performance. In this Q&A, Suresh explores common misconceptions about custom learning development and discusses Teserract’s partnership with a non-profit organization focused on women’s empowerment.

One of your areas of expertise is to provide strategizing and learning solutions for a variety of needs. Based on your extensive knowledge, what do you think are the most common misconceptions about custom learning solutions?

A common misconception about custom learning solutions is that they take a long time to create and deploy. This is not true. In my experience, custom learning solutions can be created in a matter of weeks and placed through a platform of customer choice. In many cases, my team researched the content and created it quickly without any SME support. The goal may be to create impact or accelerate organizational transformation through the right objectives, and custom learning solutions get you there together and individually. I also got the idea that people today want the perfect learning solution. It will never happen. In that case, only half of the companies would close down their businesses. Get the statement of the problem right, talk to the right people to get the solution, choose the technology to bring you the best output and then engagement, productivity, efficiency and performance are a by-product.

Tesseract is known for KREDO, which helps students improve and adapt to rapid change. Can you tell us more about how it empowers companies to address their biggest challenges?

Many organizations today face a hybrid workforce as a reality. Given this, they need to train staff both remotely and on campus. Many of these companies have frontline staff who need to be agile and aware of the products / services and other knowledge needed to perform at the best level. Companies also need to know if their teams understand their different products and services and if they are doing their job with clarity.

KREDO can help the organization at many levels:

  • Create visually rich and interactive courses within KREDO, an event learning and easy learning path. KREDO has a rich array of ready-to-use templates that can help you create courses.
  • KREDO has a powerful analytics engine that provides a dashboard, multiple reports, data and other insights related to student performance. Through KREDO, management can learn how teams are making progress in their learning.
  • Using the data, management can make informed decisions about the types of programs that can be rolled out to different teams.
  • KREDO embraces the threats identified by disruption of technology and incorporates it into the learning journey, creating better learning opportunities.
  • Subject matter experts who have no prior instructional design knowledge can bring positive business results by creating a hybrid learning journey.
  • KREDO can cater to Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennium, and Gen Z viewers.
  • KREDO is up to date with modern technology, which means that if the world changes, so does KREDO.

What is one of your standout e-learning client success stories?

A world-renowned retail outlet that operates a 10,000+ employee base is transformed into an amazing learning experience to ensure a simple sales strategy that ultimately turns into a long-term customer relationship. Learning also needs to be flexible to identify user learning needs, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. KREDO has helped identify the similarities needed for coordination in employee education by considering differences in customer needs. Both had to come together to put together a learning module and a rollout plan, which showed real-time effectiveness in performing daily business tasks. An unrealistic deadline was met for an existing e-learning budget scattered across a roadmap that enables immediate progress and a sustainable development model. KREDO is a people’s platform that can go to any venture.

Are there any recent development projects, product launches or any other initiatives that our community should know about?

Yes, and it is exciting for us. We’ve recently volunteered to support a nonprofit organization, not through leadership-related developments, but by focusing on women’s rights from adolescence and creating a place to help identify when someone says gender equality, caste segregation and what someone means. . Understanding one’s sexuality. The aim is to use the education associated with the mentality of children in the Indian subcontinent and spread it among thousands of children as they become adults. To us education is beyond business skills. It is also about creating relevant values ​​for a better future.

You have published numerous articles on the e-learning industry over the years. Do you have any standout pieces you would like to highlight for our readers? Can you give us a brief glimpse of what to expect in 2022?

I love all my articles equally. However, what stands out to me personally is the contribution I have made to the role of storytelling and the use of gamification to enhance the learning experience. These are the memories.

In 2022, I will focus more on learning journeys, experiences, learning events, and making learning fun for students. Our goal as an organization is not only to be an outstanding performer in providing e-learning solutions, but it is the missing part of the puzzle that anyone in the learning space wants to choose to plug a gap. Our model is based on a belief in partnerships that involves strengthening existing education and information systems in an enterprise and where they need an upgrade to create a smooth transition to embark on a new journey.

Unwrapping the wrapper

We would like to thank Suresh for participating in our Thought Leader Q&A. Suresh was also featured in our e-learning trailblazers [2022] List, and you can read numerous insightful articles published in the e-learning industry here.

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