TellTims Survey – Win A Free Tims Validation Code

The TellTims Survey aims to provide its clients with an excellent opportunity to share their ideas about the brand’s commodities and services. The honest feedback will assist the organization to understand what customers really think about the brand and the services provided from the TellTims Survey.

Therefore, from the firm officials, it is advised to answer the questionnaires honestly. Even though their expertise has been negative, they need to know the level of customer satisfaction. Received feedback will assist Tim Hortons to improve its commodities and services so that future experiences are compensated.

So clients taking the TellTims Survey must make sure that their answers reflect the actual thoughts about the services experienced. If something was overlooked from the online survey, please leave comments in the survey comment section. This TellTims Survey unquestionably shows that the customers’ opinions are important to them.

Official SurveyTellTims
BusinessTim Hortons
RequirementsOriginal Receipt, Candid Feedback
LanguageEnglish or Espanol
SiteOfficial WebSite

Participate At The TellTims Survey Portal

If individuals meet all of the officially drafted rules by the brand, relevant ones only can take this TellTims Survey. If you are looking for the survey steps, here they are to follow and acknowledge at the official site.

  • Customers must go to the official Tim Hortons Guest Survey website at
  • Select the appropriate language from English or French.
  • Enter the survey code from the purchase receipt.
  • Click the “Start” tab to begin the survey.
  • At Tim Hortons, customers will find several questionnaires about recent experiences.
  • Please rate the overall satisfaction based on the understanding of the current visit.
  • Actually, answer all survey questionnaires on a scale from satisfied to dissatisfied.
  • Usually, the questions are about to visit and order, staff availability, client management, flight and service, Tim Horton’s delivery, Tim Horton’s pricing, Tim Hortons locations, Tim Horton’s hours of operation, etc.
  • Individuals now require to provide personal data, such as name, address, connection number, and email address.
  • After completing the TellTims Survey, individuals will get a promotional code from Tim Hortons. Save it and utilize it on the following visit to enjoy it.

All About The TellTims Survey 

The TellTims online survey, accessible at, is an online questionnaire formulated by a company named Tell Tims Survey. It regulates customers’ satisfaction with products and services and lately won awards from several happy visitors.

If users ate at one of Tell Tims’ retailers, the receipt can be utilized for the survey. The original receipt contains a different code that customers can utilize to access the TellTims Online Survey. Tell Tims analysis is essential to the customers and also to the business.

After sharing honest feedback, individuals may have thoroughly contributed to the development of the business. Eateries are working on their reviews to promote retail service delivery so that they can personalize the meals in an extremely personalized way.

A unique feature of the TellTims Survey is its uniformity and the fact that individuals can access it from the comfort of the sofa. Answering the online survey only takes a few minutes. So, allow the assistant of a step-by-step guide to winning.

The TellTims business allows individuals to participate in the client satisfaction survey. The TellTims questionnaires are simple and relate to the previous experience visiting the relevant Tim Hortons eatery house.

Once individuals have received the original receipt, they are ready to take the online survey. The step-by-step instructions we’ve formulated make taking the TellTims online survey comfortable and fun. Go forward and earn rewards by giving the most appropriate feedback to the brand.

When a grocery store is small, it’s easy to get client feedback and stick with it. Previously, physical feedback forms were given to measure restaurant client satisfaction. Also, the individuals were nice and didn’t wait to tell anyone about their mistakes.

But now, in the era of modernization, things have swapped. Individuals are now a bit shy to talk about errors therefore maintaining a large database of survey answers is an involvement. That’s why Tim Hortons planned a Tell Tims online survey center to spot out what clients think of the eatery.

Official TellTims Survey Rewards

If a customer with the original receipt is interested in the Tim Hortons Survey, they will get a Tim Horton’s reward for giving valuable feedback. One of their clients who can pass the Tim Hortons survey will get the below-mentioned rewards. The rewards for the TellTims Survey can be:-

  • Share Tim’s coupons.
  • Validation Codes.
  • Free Coffee.

Basic TellTims Survey Requirements

These are some of the main requirements to consider when taking the TellTims online survey. Follow the instructions carefully.

  • Individuals require a laptop, PC, or smartphone.
  • A high-speed internet connection should be the second priority.
  • Remember, customers must also bring their original receipt from Tim Hortons to enter the code.
  • Remember, it will take time. So make sure individuals can fill it quickly.

Tell Tim Horton Survey is aimed to collect feedback from clients who have visited the relevant eatery house recently. The customer hereby needs to mention the exact experience in relevant words for the brand to acknowledge. This will let the eatery know what their clients like and don’t like.

Last Thoughts For TellTims Survey

The details associated with the Tim Hortons Customer Feedback Survey will be assessed by the marketing team to serve the clients better. However, if you have any questions about the Tim Hortons Feedback Poll, feel free to post a comment in the comment box below.

TellTims Online Survey is the platform where customers can engage and give the opportunity to reconsider their assumptions about the products and services offered by the brand. The initiative was necessitated to get real-time feedback from valuable clients.

TellTims takes such a move so that the firm really takes customer feedback into account and interprets relevant intentions with end-users. TellTims official strategy has shown that this is the solitary reason clients are asked to genuinely answer questionnaires about whether or not they like the offered services at the respective eatery house.

This online survey was promoted to improve the delivery of products and services proposed by Tim Hortons. Now to visit the TellTims Survey page below, visit the official site at