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TellAldi Survey is the survey by Aldi discount supermarket chain that works in more than 18 countries and more than 10,000 stores. Since its beginning in the year 1913, other supermarkets have achieved much popularity due to their lower prices and variety of products that appeared to the public.

At the store, individuals can get a variety of foods ranging from fresh fruits and meat to poultry to create a great meal for the family taking the TellAldi Survey for proving valuable feedback. With additional weekly improvements and then low prices, it’s no wonder that Aldi is a growing sensation amid shoppers.

Official NameTellAldi
FormatCustomer Feedback Survey
BenefitsCoupons, Vouchers
LanguageEnglish, Espanol
SiteOfficial WebSite

Participation Procedure At TellAldi Survey

Here is the section for the survey participation steps at the official site of the TellAldi Survey. Customers can take the survey with the steps mentioned hereby for their sole acknowledgment.

  • Visit the official Aldi site to take the ALDI survey at www.tellaldi.com
  • Now enter the correct ALDI lookup code from the ALDI receipt.
  • The TellAldi survey will start now.
  • Start the survey and provide feedback based on the previous visit to Aldi supermarket.
  • Give an honest judgment based on the previous experience with Aldi Supermarket.
  • After the qualification option, the customer’s details must be inquired to receive a reward.
  • Upon completion, individuals will be entitled to a £ 100 Aldi bonus.

Norms For The TellAldi Survey

  • You must be a legal resident of the UK.
  • The minimum age to participate is 16 years old.
  • A valid email address is required.
  • Prizes are non-transferable and must be accepted as is.
  • One entry per invitation to the survey.
  • A maximum of two tickets per person, per household, and per week.
  • You can only win one prize for a period of 12 weeks.
  • No employee or affiliate can participate in the TellAldi survey.

All About The Aldi – The TellAldi Survey

Since its establishment in Essen in 1946, Aldi has grown into one of the leading discount supermarket chains who have now rolled out the survey for their valuable customers. Currently, Aldi US, the North American subsidiary, operates nearly 1,600 stores all around the USA, and global sales usually surpass $ 50 billion annually.

When individuals complete the survey, consumers have an opportunity to win a $ 100 voucher. The Aldi Marketplace Consumer Feedback Survey is received so that individuals can provide their valuable feedback.

The easiest way is for ALDI SuperMarket to get feedback from each customer as it assists the business fill in the gaps to build a better shopping experience. Aldi Market is not simply another customer looting organization, they want their customers to be very happy with the services.

The TellAldi Customer Feedback Survey at TellAldi.com provides every customer the chance to share their straightforward feedback. Suggestions, objections, comments, and more, the TellAldi customer survey has been very well taken so that customers do not feel left out in this quickly changing scenarios.

TellAdli Customer Feedback Survey

TellAdli wants to hear from clients who want to share their recent shopping experiences, as this will help the company better understand them and act accordingly in the future. If you’re inclined to help Aldi Supermarket and need to win a $ 100 gift card, the Aldi survey is the go-to choice without hesitation.

Aldi is recognized for its practice of paying its workers far more than minimum wage and more than any workers at other supermarket chains, as well as for its largely low prices for food, give hygiene products, and devices.

In-store specials, weekly deals, and vouchers are posted on the Aldi official survey site. As with most extra grocery chains, Aldi also proclaims a weekly brochure specifying additional savings for the week itself.

  • 100 euros in the customary conditions of the Aldi bonds.
  • There is no commitment to purchase or pay to take the survey as the contest is not mandatory for everyone.
  • Only legal inhabitants can take the survey at the official site.
  • 18 years old is the minimum age to give comments, participate in surveys.
  • Aldi employees, officers, or delegates, and their direct family members who administer the same household, inclusive of children, spouses, siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, are not qualified for the survey at Aldi.
  • Only two cards are offered per family per week in the survey to give valuable feedback to the company.
  • Individuals can win only one prize for a span of 12 weeks.
  • The TellAldi survey gives nine separate prices including 100 ALDI coupons per month on a random selective basis.
  • Nine winners will be published each month.
  • Survey winners must accept the prize granted and are not acknowledged to exchange the winning gift card for cash or any other choice.

The TellAldi Survey – Summary

Individuals may have made shopping at Aldi stores in the USA or elsewhere. The shopping experience is still there and this is what the company seeks to develop in the services it collects every two times from the valuable customers.

The first store was established in Germany in 1946 by Theo and Karl Albrecht and currently, the company has more than 10,000 locations of the sale in various countries throughout the world. The equipment is obtained by thousands, so people can get the best service while buying their favorite goods.

The company has calculated its annual selling at more than $ 50 billion and can give its employees properly than any other supermarket. As if that were not sufficient, the amounts of raw materials are also lower than those of separate supermarkets.


If you’ve hit an Aldi supermarket store recently and want to give feedback, it is made sure that you will be apprehended. The TellAldi Feedback Poll is planned for this and improves customer satisfaction and services to the public is the sole motto.

During the official survey, all the customers will be asked basic questions about their most recent visit. If you discovered something you were watching for, such as staff, accessibility, and product pricing.

In appreciation for the feedback, the store chain contributes a great chance to win Aladi vouchers worth € 100 once the survey gets over. When replying to the survey, the customer only requires answering a few questions, determining an appropriate answer for every question.