SweetRush is the No. 1 virtual training provider

San Francisco, California – May 2, 2022 Sweetrash is recognized by the e-learning industry as the top content provider for virtual training for the third year in a row. The company has been selected as the number one custom learning solution provider for its uniquely effective approach to learning and development, with an emphasis on learner-centric design, a mixed learning journey for distance and hybrid teams, learning innovations and outstanding customer service.

The e-learning industry is a top-tier e-learning marketplace and top publishing platform that provides inspiring, industry-specific content to e-learning professionals. Companies on the list of top content providers for virtual training must meet strict standards, including innovation, quality, efficiency, customer and employee retention, and social responsibility.

Christopher Pappas, founder of the e-learning industry, said, “Virtual training programs can bring evolution and business growth for organizations in any industry. “If you want the content of your training to help you improve performance and achieve success, all you have to do is explore [SweetRush’s] Custom learning solutions …. Contact SweetRush — you’ll be an expert from day one! ”

With the breadth and depth of power, SweetRush’s unique and extensive awards demonstrate its leadership in virtual training. Among its many variations, SweetRush has won 119 Brandon Hall Awards (83 Gold) for its custom learning program over the past five years. SweetRush’s unique, human-centric approach has provided incredible results for clients in many diverse industries, such as banking and finance, technology, healthcare, consumer goods, automotive, nonprofit, retail, and business services.

SweetRush designs and delivers a variety of training products (for all industries / disciplines), including a long list of major enterprise certifications and professional continuing education, sales training, leadership development, new hire onboarding, and empathy and relationship building. . Every offer that SweetRush provides combines creativity to help our clients discover effective and unique solutions to the challenge. According to customer reviews in the e-learning industry, SweetRush has “great thinking leaders willing to push and push in new and exciting ways.”

“Helping your people reach their maximum potential through virtual training is essential to the growth and transformation of your business, and yet it is incredibly challenging in our scattered world and the reality of on-screen fatigue,” said Andrei Headstrom, CEO and co-founder of SweetRush. “We are honored to take on this challenge and to collaborate with our client-partners and to create an education that truly connects students’ hearts and minds, inspiring and engaging them at every step of their learning journey. Our clients love the creativity we bring and the positive impact of innovation and results! ”

About SweetRush

SweetRush is trusted by one of the most successful companies in the world to help improve the performance of their employees We are known for exceptionally creative and effective solutions that combine the best instructional designs with extremely attractive delivery. Our work has earned a long list of awards and accolades in collaboration with our clients. Discover more on our website.

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