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SubwayListens is one of those chain eateries that provide a wide variety of subway sandwiches, donuts, wraps, freshly-baked muffins, and more. So, individuals, like sandwiches and salads at Subway? If so, Subway is a great chance for customers to share their thoughts and comments.

Are you a regular customer of the Metro restaurant? In this case, customers’ comments are remarkably valuable to Subway. So, fill out this particular one minute survey and tell them about the last visit to the subway.

The corporation conducts an online survey to get feedback from clients based on their experience. In this article, it is all about all the necessary aspects of Subway’s customer satisfaction survey, known as or SubwayListens.

Official NameSubwayListens
PrizesCoupons & Vouchers
EligibilityAge - 18, USA Resident
SiteOfficial WebSite

SubwayListens – Participate In The Survey

It is very easy to do the research for each client and follow a few simple steps. Subway designs its survey portal so that customers have no trouble completing it. Additionally, the following steps are listed to complete the Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • The first step is to access the official Survey website in the installed browser.
  • Now customers need to select the language of their choice, from English or Spanish.
  • There will be a space to enter the business number that is printed on the original receipt.
  • After carefully checking the code, customers need to click on the green button beneath to submit it.
  • Customers will be redirected to the questionnaire page and answer page for the survey. Please rate the Subway Listenens questionnaires based on the experience at the eatery house.
  • Now is the time to spend a few minutes answering about the food quality, service delivery, eatery cleanliness, staff behavior, and more along with the feedback remarks.
  • Now, send the email address where individuals will get the code that individuals can use it within 30 days as it expires after the period.
  • After all, the survey is over, and based on this, the associative can stay in touch by reviewing the survey through the comments for the shortlisting.

Customers require a valid and recent purchase receipt that customers received from a participating metro eatery in the last 5 days, as well as legitimate feedback. Since customer satisfaction is companies top priority, customers can reach out to make the next visit even better.

The SubwayListens Customer Satisfaction Survey

Subway is an exceptionally ordinary restaurant that offers a hands-on experience with a kind of vegetable broths and submarine sandwiches for its valuable customers.

The most recent confirmation shows that it is the most considerable development organization in the USA, with more than 43,035 territories in 110 nations. The organization’s central management is in Milford, Connecticut. However, there are further five other provincial approaches to establish settlements in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Subway is now the best-selling sandwich in the world. There are about 42,000 stores in 112 countries throughout the world. Subway was established in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and has had vast commercial success with the super tasty and healthy sandwiches. Subway chefs continue to make changes in their menu.

Individuals can also get fresh salads, wraps, cookies, and sodas at either nearby subway. Metro keeps a special sandwich for each day of the week. The price of the sandwich that day is nevertheless lower than the original price.

If individuals can’t find a nearby metro exit, usage for the metro locator. The locator will find all nearby subways and will tell customers how to get there for getting the redeemed code.

As for the menu, the subway’s hit the sandwich is B.M.T. with ham, salami, and inclusive of pepperoni. Varieties may see on the menu based on the customers’ specifications. However, most organizations must adhere to the most basic principles of hiring, planning, and services.

Rules & Regulations For The SubwayListens Portal

Any metro customer can take this survey online and must observe the rules. Individuals have the right to participate if they acknowledge all the listed norms. The details are as follows:

  • Customers must be at least 18 years old and have obtained or purchased something from Subway in the last 30 days.
  • A current receipt is required with 5 days’ limitations.
  • Customers must be an authorized inhabitant of the United States of America.
  • Each contributor is restricted to a single entry and can solely register one email account for the raffle.

Data About SubwayListens Surveys

If individuals are interested in getting free food, vouchers, and coupons. The customer has a chance to win Subway Six Inch Sub and drinks for their birthday parties and other amazing deals at SubwayListens Survey.

Subway, the world’s preeminent cookie expert, has started collecting complaints and recommendations from foodies about their served food as part of a customer feedback survey at The official survey site aims to promote subway services based on client feedback.

The SubwayListens portal has a few questionnaires that require to be answered to complete the survey. Subway’s online survey portal asks all members to rate them based on their own experience using several online scores.

Survey Requirements –

To complete the SubwayListens Survey, there should be no tapping in the presence or after the survey gets over. However, the company requires some of the basic details to approve the participant’s survey.

  • The relevant participant must have proof of purchase from any subway street.
  • It is a must to have a device such as a cell phone or laptop with a constant internet connection.
  • Good knowledge of the English language to participate in the SubwayListens Survey will be convenient for the customer to take the survey.

Final Words About The SubwayListens

This is an official customer satisfaction survey is declared by Subway and is known as the Subway Listens. This survey assists the company to maintain its image and deliver the best possible services to their valuable clients.

It’s a magnificent way for any customer to give their ideas or opinions on the eatery segments like the quality of food or the services that the metro offers.

This online survey is actually helping customers a lot and the counter is getting more useful with all the feedback.  Individuals can share positive and negative feedback as per their eatery experience and also if they have any doubts, they can mention in the comment section below.