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Sometimes exclusivity is the key and users will get very interesting exclusive surveys to answer with ShopTracker. Also, one platform that ensures exclusivity is ShopTracker. It is an online portal that pays to track the purchase history.

The platform intends to take e-commerce to a different level, taking individuals’ feedback on the purchasing experience. The platform also decides to find out concerning popular devices that are utilized when shopping.

All of this to make the most out of the next online shopping experience. The subsequent time individuals go to a checkout page and make meaningful changes, please note that as a ShopTracker member, users are adding to those changes.

Survey PortalShopTracker
OfferingsCash Rewards
FormatOnline Reviews
SiteOfficial WebSite

ShopTracker Sign Up Process

For the ShopTracker Sign Up and entering the ShopTracker App or the site portal online, users must follow the legit steps to access their registered account.

  • Type the URL in the browser search tab
  • The home page opens up where there will be a login tab in the top right corner
  • Click on the Login tab
  • The page will be redirected to the signup section
  • Enter the username or the email id in the relevant section
  • Now, enter the password in the next section
  • Lastly, click on the login tab to access the account

All individuals require to do is approve access to the purchase history. This is done by syncing the Amazon shopping account with the application. This makes it easy to record a shopping history for every individual.

Users must register to be allowed to use the application. This comprises of answering some questionnaires about the shopping experience. Individuals require their email address to register for the first time. Also, they must be a regular buyer on Amazon and that means you should have an already registered amazon account.

Once individuals are allowed to use the Shop Tracker, they will get a link to download the application to the computer or a smartphone. Download and install the app on the Windows computer or smartphone. Individuals can locate the app as a Harris Dashboard on Google Play or Play Store. After downloading the app, install it, and get ready to utilize it.

Synchronize the Amazon account with the application. As soon as users open the app, the Amazon purchase history will be stored automatically. When users install the application, they will get an Amazon gift price of $ 3.

Keeping the application on the phone will get you $ 3 per month. It is an engaging offer that no user can refuse. Each month, the portal will receive a survey about the shopping experience on Amazon. After completing the survey, individuals will get a $ 3 gift certificate.

ShopTracker Portal Requirements

Here are the basic necessities every user must meet to join to access the ShopTracker App or the official site:

  • Individuals must have an active and valid Amazon account. If users don’t have at least one registered Amazon account, earning with the ShopTracker Reviews is much difficult.
  • Survey participants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • If you live outside of the United States, you cannot join ShopTracker.
  • You must have a smartphone or PC with Windows 7 or higher. You cannot run the Shop Tracker application if you are using a Mac or Windows XP.
  • When you see that you meet all of the above requirements, you can now register, download and install Shop Tracker and get paid for your purchases on Amazon.

Which User Data Does ShopTracker Collect?

ShopTracker Reviews portal gathers and analyzes two key pieces of data when you log in along with the information from the questionnaire and the purchase history.

As mentioned above, the rest of the personal data will be hidden and will nevermore be stored by the Shop Tracker. This means that the users’ details like the name, shipping address, and payment information are safe.

Shop Tracker uses the data collected to create comprehensive reports and analyzes that show online shopping behavior. By joining purchase history with surveys, panel interviews, and other causes of online shopping data, ShopTracker is a formation leader in the market survey.

After opening the ShopTracker app, you will be asked to provide your Amazon credentials, which will not be logged or saved. When you log into Amazon with the ShopTracker app, Shop Tracker receives your purchase history and begins to process and analyze it.

Individuals will see a progress bar that will interpret the purchase history and notify when it is complete. ShopTracker Harris Poll is the name by which this specific online portal is known by among the users taking the online surveys and they complete the ShopTracker Download process to take these surveys.

ShopTracker App Review

Most of the users love to shop online, and if several of us shop online every day with ShopTracker Amazon, why not make money from it? By registering with ShopTracker App or the portal, users give the site permission to review the online purchases and what the marketers are recompensing for.

While users can’t get back the money you’ve paid online, it’s nice to get the cash prizes back for purchases you’ve previously made. After listing on the Shop Tracker site, there is nothing else to do than to wait for the prizes.

Is ShopTracker Safe & Legit?

The article always advises readers to accurately research all possibilities to earn money at several online portals, as we have seen several scams online. We did the analysis for you with the official ShopTracker. While it may appear that Shop Tracker is legitimate, we are here to its conformity.

Many individuals may fear that their data will be flowed or sold from the official site. However, Shop Tracker and Harris Poll ensure that user data is secure so that you can be sure that your personal information has not been published by analyzing the purchase history.

Final Words About The ShopTracker

ShopTracker is part of one of the numerous popular survey programs called Harris Poll Online. ShopTracker Harris Poll Online is one of the legitimate online survey sites that receive feedback from participants on different products and services and then examine the feedback. The result is conveyed to suppliers to enhance the quality of products and relevant services.