– Play & Win With Safeways’ Monopoly

A board game that resembles commercial transactions and money for players which are known by ShopPlayWin. Shop Play Win magazine gives data on how to get ShopPlayWin cards, gifts, and supplementary benefits for the participants.

However, relevant users will get a Monopoly game stamp each time users shop at competing retailers. Safeway Store Play Win Monopoly is performed annually by the American supermarket companies for their valuable customers.

Individuals win prizes like $ 100,000 in cash, holiday rentals, cars, gift cards, and also several discount codes. However, individuals must get the Monopoly and Monopoly cards from each participating retailer to play from this listed game first.

Official NameShopPlayWin
BenefitsPrizes & Money-Saving Offers
Cash Prizes$1 Million
SiteOfficial WebSite

Access Procedure For The ShopPlayWin Portal

At the official site of ShopPlayWin, participants need to make sure they are registered with an active account. Here are the steps for the acknowledgment for the portal usage and ShopPlayWin Login.

  • Visit the site for accessing the portal
  • Individuals, on the home page, can check out the brand which are offering the relevant offers and prizes
  • Click on the section which mentions ‘Play The Game’
  • You can select the relevant brand
  • Submit the Digital codes and tokens to increase your chances of winning
  • Voila! Wait for the shortlisting and redeem your prizes

From February 5, 2020, through May 5, 2020, meet at the local Safeway in the year 2020. Every time individuals make a purchase, they will get a ticket to the Monopoly game. Individuals will also get an additional game ticket for each purchase of a, particularly marked product. They have until May 28 to redeem coupons and prices from official stores.

How To Get A Ticket For A Game?

Here are the acknowledgment steps to get a ticket for the game at Take a look if you are eligible as per the norms to get a ticket.

  • On any in-store purchase at a participating store, a user can get the ticket with a unique code
  • For each relevant product bought in-store from a participating coupon provider
  • for every ten bonus products bought in a transaction, a game ticket is allotted

How The ShopPlayWin Portal Works?

For ShopPlayWin, users need to log into a Shop Play site or download the app form App Store or Google Play store. If you can comprehend the instructions with the smartphone, quickly check the prizes won, and enter the raffle for a second chance, we strongly recommend that you download this application.

Of course, individuals can enter the codes manually online, a fraction more than when scanning with the application. Connect the Just for U account so users can digitally bill for the coupons and rewards. Now, open the game markers on monopoly maps and also enter or scan radio codes.

The code is a small QR at the end of the tickets. The digital game piece has a 16-digit alphanumeric code. Talk about digital signs with a bonus entry or in the form of a token giveaway. Each token has its own listing specifications and its own closing date.

ShopPlayWin – Rewards & Tokens

This is the sole online portal that seems to have the most rewards and prizes! Just scan the digital code on the game ticket (see photo above) with the application and collect the tokens. The amount of tokens a user earns per game ticket classifies from 1 to a larger amount.

The app confirms how much a user has earned each time. Individuals can redeem these tokens (while quantities last) for some, especially useful items, like a $ 25 gift card, gas, and grocery compensations, or several product rewards.

For instance, a $ 25 gift card gets 275 tokens. Individuals can simply use one reward per category, so it can be always determined the highest amount, like the $ 25 gift card.

Free items as the form of rewards at, like a container of yogurt or a box of waffles, cost around 20 and 60 tokens. Each product reward also has a deadline for which you can see the limits in the installed application.

The app always grips track of what the participant has redeemed so the user doesn’t have to carry different coupons with them. As the coupons are automatically loaded onto the Just For U rewards card account.

Make sure to access the phone number connected with the Just for U account while checking out to get rewards. There are also gifts that individuals can insert with the tokens.

The Portal Description –

Grab a game board from the customer service or any relevant store. Place the game pieces on the relevant board and win several prizes if individuals select all the required pieces for a certain area. At the, users can also get assistance online.

In the online order, enter 16 digits to decide if users are a potential winner of the game and if the ticket carries a secret. In fact, two other individuals have made millions of dollars in coins in current years.

The opinion of Shop Play is that any small or large prize a user wants to win in a board game can have up to 8 Chips. Users require a rare pawn along with a semi-rare pawn, and up to 6 normal pawns to proceed with up for the big wins at

The Bottom Line

Payment of cash or vouchers, coupons, and Fandango products can also be rewarded for free using tokens. Individuals must pay a certain sum of chips for each prize they avail at the ShopPlayWin Login portal.

For instance, individuals will get 80 tokens for a $ 5 gift card. The size varies from 20 to 60 chips, such as French and donuts as per the offerings. Do the research on these things and sure, the appeals will accumulate in the Just For U user account.

Better yet, individuals can use the app to reveal the back of the scoring area using a 2D square barcode accessible to every user. Eventually, it is better to review this before starting the actual game.

The ShopPlayWin application monitors the effects of the game by reading the particular barcode and asking if individuals have items for a game. Just because the participants have everything they require to get a follow-up rating doesn’t guarantee the prizes.