– Get Your Shell Fuel Card Online

Shell at the official site offers two imprinted cards issued by Citibank: the Shell Fuel Rewards card and the Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard credit card. There are no yearly fees for any of these Shell cards, but you will notice some very precipitous charges.

If you are approved for a Shell Fuel Rewards credit card, you will automatically be entered in Shell’s Fuel Rewards program at the official portal. In times of premiums/fuel savings per gallon, this regards to a specific Shell gas station visited. and discounts will appear on screens after the shell card is registered online. For your percentage return privileges, they are divided by Shell discounts and only regard to acquisitions made at collaborating Shell stations.

Program Initiative Fuel Rewards Program
AccessOnline, Portable Application
BenefitsCredit Scores & Reports
SiteOfficial Website

Specific Details About

With the official Shell Fuel Rewards, Mastercard registered at, offers a 10% Shell rebate on the first $ 1,200 acquisitions made with the card at Shell locations in the United States each year.

Shell acquisitions of more than $ 1,200 per year without the purchase of fuel with a card, that Shell Fuel Card will not be suitable for discounts. Acquisitions and possession of over $ 10,000 per year with the fuel card are not eligible for the program.

With Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard, Shell also offers the registered users 1% Shell cash back on other qualifying acquisitions made at the authorized station.

Acquisitions that are not eligible for the 1% discount incorporate Non-Shell Fuel Store Purchases and the relevant others. Fuel for which you got discounts and acquisitions are received from a particular Shell station where you did the fuel or commodity acquisition.

No refunds are collected: Acquisitions made for commercial or non-commercial persistence and those which are returned on credit in whole or in part; and cash approaches, balance transfers, interest & finance charges, account fees, and charges for the services and programs users choose at

Get Bonuses At Portal

There are some magnificent ways to save money on gas. Nevertheless, if you are a member of different travel, eatery, or credit card program, you will require to combine several of these alternatives with a grain of salt to compete in the loyalty programs.

Here’s a detailed acknowledgment about getting additional discounts on the portal:-

Shell Fuel Rewards

Register users at can save you 10 cents per gallon of gas for every $ 50 spent at associating eateries, bars, and clubs, and even for takeouts. Users don’t have to spend $ 50 at a time and offered can even be availed of even they can be accumulated in several acquisitions.

Fuel Rewards Network Online Mall

The official Shell Fuel Rewards Network online mall can save users 5 to 50 cents a gallon for each $ 50 spent at a retailer.

Access The Shell Rewards Network

Individuals can book travel through the Shell Fuel Rewards Network Programs at portal or through any car rental partners, inclusive of Avis, Budget, and Payless, and that too at a discount of 5 cents for $ 50 each.

Shell Official Deals

Shell at offers a supplementary 5 to 15 cent discount on the acquisition of specially labeled commodities such as coffee, drinks, and snacks at partner stores particularly.

Fuel Acquisition Gift Cards

Shell also proposes regular discounts on gift cards bought at Shell partner stores (incorporating the and iTunes gift cards).

Limited Shell Mastercard Credit Card Offers

Mastercard holders are qualified for particular proposals for a particular time period on the Fuel Rewards network, for instance. Discounts for acquisitions at certain supermarket stores or for eateries joined in the Shell Fuel Reward Program.

Other Shell Credit Card-related Offers

For all other cardholders, Fuel Rewards Network has card-relevant offers that apply to any credit card series, such as – 5 cents per gallon proceeds on a $ 50 acquisition from Jiffy Lube.

How To Get Maximum Shell Fuel bonuses?

At the end of the six-month preparatory period, visit a Shell gas station at least twice a month to keep the 5 cents active and even the Gold status. Link the credit card to the account to get a discount on the Shell acquisitions.

Since most of the Shell Fuel Rewards Program promotions are aimed particularly at Mastercard users. Furthermore, users can link a Mastercard to their account and utilize it to make acquisitions at participating stores to get more rewards.

If you are a member of any other loyalty program other than that of Shell, check that program’s purchasing portal and program to see if they give a better reward rate for acquisitions before visiting the shops for shopping.

Check the Shell Fuel Rewards official website frequently for special proposals and scheduling shopping points for next purchases. For instance, if Shell offers additional rewards and extra pennies per gallon for the grocery acquisitions, you may want to refill them instantly after the grocery shopping.

You can even prefer a shell Fuel Rewards Card, or Shell Fuel Mastercard, or a credit card with a pre-approved voucher obligatory at the Shell pump. This can be added to the traditionally offered benefits at the Shell Fuel Rewards Program.

Also, you can prefer the Shell app to look out for the Shell stations on the route with low gas costs and to find nearby traders that offer more additional Shell rewards.

Contact Information –

If you have any more questions regarding this official notice, you can reach out to the Shell station manager, or call the number on the back of the Shell Fuel Card card.

To subscribe to the official California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), you must contact Citi’s Privacy Center at platform or call (833) 971-1191 to know more.

If you would like to request the deletion of the registered personal data or to decline the operation of your Shell Fuel Card, you can call 833-981-0270.

Bottom Lines – portal users must note that the current yearly rate for the Shell Fuel Rewards credit card is kept at 26.74%. Nevertheless, this yearly rate varies based on the market price particularly.

The Shell Fuel card expiration date is 25 days after that current billing cycle. The firm will not charge interest on acquisitions if cardholders pay off their balance in full every month before the overdue date.