PrizeRebel – Paid Survey Panel To Earn Money

PrizeRebel is a free website that rewards you with points for completing certain tasks and activities. Once you have accumulated a certain number of points, you can exchange them for gift cards or cash.

Since PrizeRebel’s inception in 2007, Prize Rebel has paid users more than $ 20 million to participate in surveys, watch videos, and even subscribe to direct mailing lists. You can even see on your home page how much your users paid that day, so you can meet your payment.

There are over 6 million PrizeRebel users around the world, primarily in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. It should be noted that the number of active users for Prize Rebel is likely to be much lower.

Survey PanelPrizeRebel
BenefitsPromo codes & Gift cards
RequirementsReferral Code
ProcedureSign Up
SiteOfficial WebSite

Login Procedure For PrizeRebel Platform

The PrizeRebel as a paid survey panel requires a definite login procedure to follow for accessing the account. Follow the steps and do according to access the PrizeRebel, a paid survey panel.

  • With the installed browser, visit the official site of Prize Rebel
  • Users with a registered Facebook account can access Prize Rebel directly
  • To enter with the Prize Rebel site, enter the user name and password in the signup section
  • Check out the entered credentials
  • Now, access the account by clicking on the ‘sign up’ section

Make An Account At PrizeRebel Portal

There are no criteria to comprehend at the PrizeRebel portal like most Internet survey sites. Prize Rebel looks at the age of its participants online, which means that anyone under the age of 18 cannot join in surveys and other tasks without the approval of their parents or guardians.

  • 18 years or older can experience it. To feel satisfied, individuals must ensure that they are of legal age before completing the expected tasks.
  • Register for free with the email on the PrizeRebel website. Individuals only require an account. Enter certain data and complete the form. Individuals should only give real data about themselves.
  • Enter the first and last name, and email address, and along with it the relevant password. Respond to the captcha and make relevant judgments.
  • Continue the procedure and start earning money by receiving payments for the comments.

How To Get PrizeRebel Points?

Once the registration is completed, individuals will discover how to make the most of the free time with the Prize Rebel. Check the below listings to see which of these few prospects concerns the users:

  • Earn a point by liking PrizeRebel on the Facebook platform
  • Get thirty points by doing the registration procedure with FabKidz
  • Get a total of thirty-five (35) points by registering with Zulily
  • Earn forty-five (45) points by the signing up procedure at iPoll
  • Users can earn seventy-five (75) points for joining the Allstate
  • Individuals can utilize more than 100 sites and fly over large sites for more points.

However, the registered users can also maximize their time looking and searching for other ways to earn the Prize Rebel points. Here are some ways to spend your time to receive a good return on the investment.

Watching videos takes time and it is suggested that users can do this to vary the earning potential, and not simply stick with this alternative, as individuals can maximize their time on other tasks and earn points by finishing this type of offer for receiving the PrizeRebel promo codes.

Micro tasks are a different alternative, but several of them point to a poor return on the investment. Even when viewing videos, the tasks particularly offer a small return on the investment.

This plan can be useful if individuals want to vary the prototypes of tasks that they perform. Select the alternatives that users get the most credit for as they talk about how numerous points a user will get.

The Prize Points – PrizeRebel Survey Panel

PrizeRebel is absolutely free, but how much can a registered user taking the survey can really win? Fortunately, there are particular ways to earn points with the official Prize Rebel. The Prize Rebel score is very good as opposed to other survey sites.

  • 1 price point for $ 0.01
  • 500 points 5
  • 1000 points at $ 10

Point systems can be frustrating because diverse rewards can cost more exceeding points than others. For instance, many survey sites offer an alternative to receiving payments from PayPal. However, it may be inevitable to earn more points to utilize these rewards which were gathered along with the points.

Redeem The Rewards At PrizeRebel Portal

At PrizeRebel, the value of the points is constant, regardless of the reward a user chooses to redeem. Usually, there are 1,000 Prize Rebel points for $ 10 at the Prize Rebel portal. Participants can request a withdrawal for just $ 2 of the gift code or a $ 250 gift card.

If the user chooses to get the $ 100 VISA card, keep in mind that it may cost 10,300 points preferably of 10,000 points, while the activation fee for the cost will also be charged. Also, a $ 50 VISA card needs 5,200 points to overwhelm an order.

It is noted that some other gift cards need slightly more points than the 1000 point / $ 10 fee suggests. Some curiosities cover Shell, 76, and ExxonMobil, but with 15+ pages of withdrawal alternatives, getting paid is clearly not an issue.

The past two have negligible costs and have no supplementary costs. If the registered users are prone to win the Prize Rebel, they can target customer products like Xbox One consoles, first-generation video games, Cards Against Humanity, and much more by taking the survey and watching videos.

They can even redeem a reward with just $ 5 in the registered account, whether it transposes to points or not. Usually, they should expect to get the reward within 24 hours, but the Gold members and above are available for instant remunerations.

Make More Money With PrizeRebel

Make money with any type of category a user selects to be preferred and earn up to 20% referral points with Prize Rebel. Users can invite at least one person, and when that person signs up, they will already receive a percentage of the earnings.

It must be shown that they are active members so that you, who have prescribed them, can be sure of recovering the bonus. To benefit the referrals, it must teach them the techniques to earn points with the official portal.