Activate – Prepaid Visa Card

With the official Activate, humans are committed to saving money on more than just telephone service. The company knows that even saving a few dollars can assist families to increase their budgets and obtain the most of their money.

This is why the firm needed to give a nice refund that they recently found when buying a pet product for the puppy. This official rebate can assist all the per product buyers to save money on the distinctive pet products.

The company Boehringer Ingelheim knows that several families now have cats and dogs. To consider from vet bills to dog food to pet products, they can be entirely expensive, so the firm thought it imperative to cover the visa card benefits. The discount we would like to signify is accessible at

Official Activate
FormatCredit Card
SectionAnimal Health Rebate
RequirementsCard Activation Procedure
SiteOfficial WebSite

How To Use Activate Card?

On the official Boehringer Ingelheim website, individuals can discover which websites they can use and get discounts. There is a list that will let all the users know which brands to use when it proceeds to discounted pet health accumulations.

  • Go to and log into the account.
  • Look out for the offer code on the purchase receipt and enter it in the relevant section.
  • Enter the purchase date mentioned on the receipt before proceeding to the next section.
  • Upload a photo or scan of the original receipt and discount form as proof of purchase. This works as supplementary proof of the purchase to approve the refund of the visa prepaid card.
  • After that, cardholders will require to fill in the corporeal details, which will cover data such as the address, name, and more.
  • Verify that all the data entered is accurate and click on the Submit section.
  • The thank-you page will seem below with a tracking number.
  • Make a note of this tracking number as it will assist all the cardholders to track the arrival of the card.
  • It normally takes 6 to 8 weeks of the business days to process the application along with the visa prepaid card irrespective of the activation period.

When purchasing an item for the pet from a supplier financed by Boehringer Ingelheim, be certain to save the purchase receipt. You will locate a promotional code on the purchase receipt that can be utilized on the refund form to get money on the prepaid card.

The Guide For Activate Process

The pet care industry has raised much over the years with more nutritional product additions and more veterinary care and analysis, Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the most thriving pet care associations also acknowledged in the United States.

They have made progress in animal health that has benefited pet owners and product buyers alike. So, let’s get a look at what the BlPetRebates are and how comfortable it is for normal individuals to use the rebated visa prepaid cards to save money and take care of the pets overall at a discounted price.

Conditions To Acknowledge –

Take a look at what the cardholders require before the registration process:

Individuals require to obtain one or more veterinary or animal products from a licensed veterinary dispensary. For a list of associated and subsidiary brands, visit the official Boehringer Ingelheim website at Activate.

Receipt of the purchase at the store or at the veterinary clinic. The purchase receipt must be printed with all the relevant details. Relevant cardholders will get an offer code on the receipt. If the users missed one, they can perpetually go back to the same store to request a reprint, if individuals purchased by credit card.

The refund form the user received in the mail after purchase can also be considered as valid. When buying forts, individuals will require to enter the postal address in the Customer Data section. After purchase, users will receive the refund form at the address given. Click on a photo or even the cardholders can make a scanned copy of the form.

The Process To Do When The BlPetRebates Card Is Lost

If a person bought the products and has lost the prepaid card or the receipt thinks that the card has been stolen and there are transactions with the card can be done unauthorized, there are some manageable steps that the user can take to resolve the issue.

Contact the relevant customer service and report the issue immediately. In cases where individuals have noticed transactions that may have not authorized, it can debate them utilizing this form. Kindly, fill out the sections particularly before relinquishing them.

There are diverse ways to submit the form for clarification. The most expeditious way to forward the form is to send it at Activate. Individuals can even give the form by fax to the number 623-336-6699 or also by mail to the below-mentioned address:

  • ATTN: Litigation Department
    6220 Stoneridge Mall Road
    Pleasanton, California, 94588

To ensure that the dispute can be resolved correctly, individuals must inform them of the loss of the visa prepaid card or unauthorized transactions on the account within 60 days.

Heartgard coupons – Activate

On a further note, to save more money on expensive dog medications, visit the site for buying discounted products at to sign up by email. Individuals can even get a $ 12 rebate with the acquisition of 12 cans of HEARTGARD.

  • Individuals will get a $ 12 refund in the mail.
  • Please note that HeartGuard is fitting for dogs from 6 weeks of age merely.
  • Get a $ 50 rebate when individuals buy 12 boxes of HEARTGARD Plus at a single drive and 12 boxes of any flea and tick control products from the vet.


Boehringer Ingelheim is an official diagnostic and monitoring platform that simulates and manufactures parasiticides, vaccines, drugs, and remedies under various health brands for the pets. As with other reward cards, individuals get meaningful discounts and rewards for each purchase of medical products from members and associate brands.

Use this Visa discount card for future acquisitions. When the credit runs out, individuals can utilize a new prepaid card again. There are some uncomplicated procedures that the user must follow to get the Animal Health Visa Prepaid Rebate Card. Individuals get ready to save more!