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In 2016, Panda Express grew a lot and today it works around 80 million kilos of chicken with oranges. Panda Express Restaurant runs this survey plan to get the best real consumer reviews and grow the food and service for the next time.

It is noteworthy to note that it has around 2,000 units and is also the largest Asian chain in the USA. Additionally, as it extends to grow and prosper in the USA, they accompanied a survey to gain customer feedback. To get free entry to Panda Express 2020 from this article.

Official NamePanda Express
TypeCustomer Survey
BenefitsFree Entrees Mandatorily
RequirementsShopping Receipt
SiteOfficial WebSite

How To Take Panda Express Online Feedback Survey!

By participating in the Panda Consumer Experience Survey, consumers can earn at the portal. Free entry with the purchase of two tickets. The PandaExpress feedback survey can be done in two ways.

  • Get PandaExpress/Feedback via online mode at the site
  • To complete the survey, customers must first make a purchase.
  • Second, save the receipt accurately.
  • Third, within two days of the purchase, go to the Panda Express survey link to answer.
  • Fourth, answer all the questionnaires in the PandaExpress survey.
  • Finally, write the Panda Express 2020 validation/survey code on the survey receipt.
  • To benefit from the free participation, customers must bring the receipt and also the survey validation code.
  • Finally, customers will require to check the Panda Express receipt policy on the receipt for other orders.

Panda Express Feedback Survey Through Mobile Phone

  • First, customers should visit the Panda Express restaurant and enjoy the delicious food.
  • Second, we must thoroughly save the receipt.
  • Thirdly, call the survey hotline at 1-888-51-PANDA.
  • Fourth, answer the questionnaires ordered over the phone.
  • Lastly, write down the complete survey code that will be provided to you over the phone text and that customers take note of the original receipt.
  • Then customers will need to bring the receipt to the subsequent visit.
  • When clients use this specific coupon and buy two main items, they will get one free item.

Panda Express Customer Survey – Rules & Norms

Buying or dining at the Panda Express restaurant is the fundamental standard for conducting a customer feedback survey.

  • Individual age must be at least 18 years old.
  • To participate in the Panda Express Feedback Survey, customers require a receipt.
  • Also, express delivery of the panda need is within two days of purchase.
  • A person may be involved in researching Panda Express without limit.
  • For one customer, there is particularly one voucher per visit.

Survey Requirements – Panda Express

It is a huge chain of restaurants following Chinese American cuisine. With 1,775 restaurants in the USA, Canada, Guam, Mexico, South Korea, Puerto Rico, and the United Arab Emirates. Panda Express is arguably the most extended American and Chinese supermarket chain in the world.

If you want to visit a Panda Express restaurant, customers probably require to find one in the malls. In the meantime, however, the chain has also penetrated independent establishments.

In addition to these areas, customers can also locate Panda Express in casinos, universities, airports, and also the military bases. Are you a regular customer of Chinese cuisine, everyone must take the survey to improve the current facilities.

Customers require a device like a PC, laptop, or tablet, to answer the survey. Select the gadget that customers find useful to complete the survey procedure. Survey takers require to have a fast network. Therefore, the survey proceeds smoothly and quickly to save time and hassle.

A receipt is needed to support the business number, welcome code, etc. Basic knowledge of the English language and customers must be fluent in English to complete this survey. Customers can simply take the Panda Express survey. The survey rules are easy to comprehend.

Customers must have proof of shopping from any Panda Express, which is particularly two days before the food purchase, to participate in this specific survey. If individuals purchased a meal last week, the shopping receipt will not be valid.

Customers will require to give the receipt to accept the prize if there is no receipt declaring that you cannot claim the prize. Multiple participants are not allowed with a single receipt. Even if your family member wants to take the survey, you will need to purchase a separate receipt.

The Panda Express Survey Code terminates after 48 hours. It’s great to take the official online survey to get the delightful free main course. There is no end to the number of associates in this survey.

Take Panda Express Official Customer Satisfaction Survey

Panda Express has started a client feedback survey called the Panda Express Feedback Survey, which can be observed on the purchase receipt along with the official survey entry PandaExpress.com/Feedback.

Take the Panda Express Customer Satisfaction Survey and give honest feedback to improve the company to understand customer needs and insertion entry to the Panda Express Survey contest.

This article presents complete knowledge about this Panda Express Customer Experience survey. Read the guidelines and specifications, along with the easy to use manual, to finish the Panda Express feedback survey at PandaExpress.com.

Panda Express is a chain of fast-food eateries founded by Andrew and Cherng Peggy Cherng in the timeline of October 1983. Headquarters, 1683, Walnut Grove Avenue, Rosemead, California, the USA with 2,200 locations, it is the most extended Asian restaurant chain in the USA.


Panda Express is an American Chinese cuisine and it serves approximately more than 2,000 locations and is the most comprehensive Asian restaurant series in the USA. The restaurant is famous for its orange chicken and delicious food. The chain employs more than 27,000 individuals for providing the profound customer services.

To attract more clients and offer better services at low prices, Panda Express has been presented with a promotional code. Users can take the aid of the various items at decreased prices. We hope readers receive a free Panda Express coupon to get the relevant discounts.

And I hope customers answer this survey the following time they visit the Panda Express. This fast-food chain was established by friends from the faculty in the year 1973. Grupo Panda did not open the company for all activities except those of the current ones.