MyBalanceNow – Manage Target Gift Card Balance Official


With the official launch of the online portal MyBalanceNow, customers are excited about the features of the official portal. Yes, not only can you check your gift card balance amount at home with the login portal, but the process is pretty easy too in which the article will guide you in every step.

Target was still the only official company offering incredible discounts, as well as competitive prices on the products and items. It’s no wonder that many of those known for their popular gift card offer and benefits of the official login portal.

MyBalanceNow Portal Login Procedure

To check the balance of your Target gift card at MyBalanceNow, simply present it at checkout and verify using the supplied PIN code and for further assistance follow the below-mentioned procedure.

  • First, you must add all the URL links from to the address bar of your browser.
  • Now you must press the button.
  • Then you can easily find many empty text fields. Here you must provide some details in the form of an application.
  • You must enter your gift card number in the fields marked with the date on the gift card.
  • Now you must specify months and even years in the specified part.
  • In this step, you must type the CVV in the field. However, if you don’t know anything about CVV, just click on the “What” link. It’s on the blank page.
  • After completing all the important details of the specified box, you must press the button “To know the balance of the gift card”.
Official Name MyBalanceNow
Brand Target
Usage Login Portal
Benefits Offers, Coupons
Site Official Website

MyBalanceNow Official Login Portal

MyBalanceNow is an official online portal with which target customers can carry out a large number of online transactions and get all the account data. Usually, a destination gift card is sent directly to the consumer’s phone details. However, if you want to purchase a destination gift card from the Target stores, simply enter the amount for which you want to purchase the gift card at the login portal.

As soon as you have completed your MyBalanceNow transaction, the cardholder will receive the gift cards directly to their phone within 4 hours of the transaction or on the same day. The gift cards only need an active but secured Internet connection to access the gift card link specified at the portal.

MyBalanceNow Card Features

The credit points on the card never expire on the card and you can use it whenever you want. These cards are accepted at all the official stores in the United States and the District of Columbia and you can check the card details at any time preferable.

  • We can use them to make purchases online or in the store and take advantage of your freedom of purchase.
  • The use of destination cards is very simple, practical, and safe.
  • Target Gift Cards are not rechargeable and cannot be used at ATMs to receive cash.
  • The card is also not suitable for cash refunds at the point of sale.
  • We cannot simply transfer funds from one card to another.
  • The card expires on the date shown on the card, but the credit does not.
  • If the card expires and you have credit, you can get it back by calling customer service and replacing the card.
  • Entry fees are the only fees associated with the card and there are no additional fees

MyBalanceNow Card ZIP Code

For all the customers, before you can use the Target Gift Card at the official platform of MyBalanceNow for online purchases, you must provide a ZIP code. The official ways to get a ZIP code to your Target gift card are listed below which every customer must acknowledge.

  • The user interface of the destination gift card at MyBalanceNow by typing its location into your account
  • Register by entering the private and unique card number, cancellation date, and CVV.
  • Before you log in at the portal, you’ll need to discover a menu and tap it to indicate that you want to enter a ZIP code or change your account information.

How To Use The MyBalanceNow Card

Get all the assistance and guidance in this section about the MyBalanceNow portal and the usage of the MyBalanceNow Card at the official login platform.

  • Customers can visit online to follow-up with your transaction.
  • Also, customers can complete your purchase as an automatic debit transaction with the sole card
  • Choose direct debit and enter your PIN code for login
  • Log in to your registration for more information on how to set, change, or delete your PIN code at the portal
  • Some use zip codes as a strong point of payment security at the stores
  • It is essential to assign a zip code to your card for further security
  • Assign ZIP Code page, you can also enter the ZIP code in blue or update a current ZIP code at the portal
  • At the end of the purchase of product or items, always enter the card details in the Payment Section
  • Your personal data does not refer to your card at the portal
  • Therefore, use your private data information when shopping at the online platform
  • This ensures that the dealer can contact you in the case of a problem with your MyBalanceNow account with the correct contact details you entered

About MyBalanceNow

Mybalancenow is an official type of website where customers can check their current balance. It is important to verify the balance of the card after every transaction. You can also track your spending and credit on Target gift cards at the official stores.

All the customers can use it to easily check the credit points and balance on your Target gift card or the credit on your prepaid gift card at any preferable time. This exclusive article explains how to check the balance of the MyBalanceNow gift card. I hope you were able to check the balance of your Target Gift Card on the MyBalanceNow website and by following the steps in the section. Get all the mere assistance your need at the portal for checking the balance at MyBalanceNow officially.