– Win Free Tickets With McD Adventure

McDonald’s invites all its valuable customers to purchase the last McDonald’s ticket to win the game, where you will spend a family holiday for 4 at Walt Disney World Resort. Also, a $ 25 Disney gift card, a million-dollar Happy Meal or food prices, and much more.

Don’t miss the actual chance to play McDonald’s Ticket to Win at and win over $ 25 million in prizes, inclusive of the free travel, food, a Disney gift card, and more. Participants require to get tickets to play these specific games.

Official NameMagicAtMcd
CategoryAdventure To Win Games
RewardsFree Gift Cards, Earn Cash Rewards
SiteOfficial WebSite

How To Access The MagicAtMcD Portal?

Participants must have an activated Happy Meal account to enter or scan the obtained enter code. So if individuals don’t have a Happy Meal account, create one on the official McDonald’s website before playing the McDonald’s Toy Story 4 game. To access the account here are the steps:-

  • Type the URL of the official website in your installed browser
  • Next, register at the ‘New User’ section and complete the registration procedure
  • Now, see the enter code printed in the game ticket which is to be entered at the relevant section
  • With this identical code, play the games and get rewards

Play with the McDonald’s application – First download the McDonald’s application from the Playstore. Open the app and click on the Toy Story 4 Happy Meal promotion. Follow the on-screen assistance and relevant steps to complete the game registration procedure.

Once registered or logged in, manually enter the 12-digit game code or click on the section “Read Code” to read the 2D barcode marked on the game ticket. After successful validation of the scanned or embedded code, the candidate will get a notification when they will get rewards.

Play online on the official website – To play, visit the official site and complete the game registration procedure by carefully comprehending the guidance.

Receive A Code From

Purchase Happy Meal Box and win a particular game ticket: Individuals can buy specifically marked Happy Meal boxes, where they will attain the game ticket with the Frozen 2 toy.

Get a Free Game Ticket – If individuals don’t want to make some purchases, there is also free access to get a similar game code. They can request a ticket to the game without doing a purchase by sending a self-addressed, prepaid, handwritten envelope with peculiar postage and a return address that incorporates first and last name, street, city, state, and ZIP code to the official McDonald’s.

Each game ticket includes a 2D barcode and a 12-digit alphanumeric code with which a enter code can be obtained through the McDonald’s application or the official advertisement site

A game ticket with a enter code is included with each Toy Story 4 Happy Meal toy while supplies last. Play the Ticket to Win game to win all 4 paid family vacations to Walt Disney World Resort or millions of Happy Meals or other food prizes. offers several prices. Scan or download the McDonalds app. Individuals do require a scanner to scan the enter code. It’s magic with MCD! Visit the site and enter the same code.

MagicAtMcD Adventure To Win – McDonald’s Rewards

(30) Grand Prizes: Individuals can win a $ 500 Disney electronic gift. This Disney eGift gift card can be utilized at select participating properties at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland Resort in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and also at Adventures by Disney. The enter code gift card does not have an expiration date specifically.

(5,000) First Prizes – Every winner will get a $ 25 Disney gift card after the completion of the play. Price of all ARVs: $ 125,000 while there is also a plan for a $ 500 Disney Gift Certificate for the relevant participants.

MagicAtMcD – Notes

Here are some of the MagicAtMcD particulars by which many users can get the relevant acknowledgment hereby:-

  • Ticket to Win at McDonald’s officially starts once the participant begins the play.
  • McDonald’s workers cannot be present or participate at MagicAtMcD play or a game
  • The total value of all awards offered is $ 25,983,014 at the official platform of
  • All the participants at the official site must be at least 18 years of age and be a citizen of the United States.
  • When specific promotional meals end, they are not restocked
  • The 12-digit alpha-numeric code of the Magic at the official site MCD game ticket

Merits Of The MagicAtMcD Prizes

With The Purchase Of The Happy Meal Boxes

  • From a nearby McDonald’s eatery house, purchase Happy Meal promotional boxes before the gameplay deadlines.
  • A McDonald’s ticket to win the game with the Toy Story 4 toy can be detected in the Happy Food box.
  • Each game ticket has a 2D barcode and a similar 12-digit code.
  • Each code may only be accessible once on the McDonald’s site and in the app.

Without The Purchase Of Happy Meal Boxes

If individuals would like to get a Mcdonald’s game ticket without purchasing it, they can even send a postcard. This particular card must be of the size and format 3×5 and contain the subsequent details. The participant name, gameplay details, verification, and identification details, and the particulars about the previous visit.

The grand prize winners and the seven first prize winners have a strong chance to get five days, four nights of the holiday for the winner and three guests. The site for the destination of the holiday is at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida for free along with the additional benefits.


McDonald’s sought the game on In the consideration of prizes, it is significant to mention that the free trips to Disney World are given in form of the lottery and also the instant play.

If individuals prefer Macdonald’s, they can also join in the rewards programs and experience numerous gifts from them. The program says that the MagicAtMcD is ideal for those who appreciate the fast food chain eateries.

As for the cumulative amount, the total amount of the ARVs of all costs is almost unbelievable at $ 25,089,965! By the way, all the individuals can also participate without doing any type of purchase. Just send a written letter to PO Box 49322, Strongsville, OH 44149.