LifePoints Survey – Official Login Panel To Get Prizes

LifePoints is an official paid survey site. Individuals can make money by participating in surveys on travel, shopping, and more. Earning money with LifePoints is not just possible but also is a lot of joy. What could be more agreeable than earning rewards and vouchers for fun every day?

LifePoints is a section of Lifespeed’s global online testing and sure marketplace. The global testing market is remarkably popular in the industry for its online paid surveys.

These sites offer their users the chance to earn rewards for finishing online surveys. They served as an analysis platform for about 20 years as of now. LifePoints Survey portal is a new addition to the data procurement platform.

Official NameLifePoints Survey
CompanyMarket Research Firm
BenefitsSurvey Rewards & Vouchers
SiteOfficial WebSite

How To Take the LifePoints Survey?

In the LifePoints Survey portal, individuals taking the survey can follow the steps hereby to get access to the portal.

  • Go to the survey site at
  • Click on the section ‘Join Now’
  • Users will see the listed survey with survey points.
  • Select the most profitable one and start the LifePoints Survey.
  • Life Points first asks a basic question to analyze the user profile.
  • Take the online survey now, which will take around 5-10 minutes.
  • Bingo! After finishing the survey, the relevant user will get receive reward points.
  • Now complete the online survey one by one to receive more points.

Task Types At LifePoints Survey

At the LifePoints Survey platform, basically, there are three basic types of activities a user can participate in. All three are manageable and common on payment policies:

  • Online surveys are quite common, and the survey topics include health, travel, sports, and other aspects of daily life.
  • Schedules sometimes users will be asked to keep track of the behavior in a particular area, such as shopping.
  • Product testing section where they send users a specific product and they must provide feedback, including the opinions and activities with the product.
  • Individuals don’t have to bother about them, as they need to provide relevant answers to the questions asked at the portal.

LifePoints points system for the individuals taking the survey is 1 health points – 1 rupee.

Redeem LifePoints Survey Gift Cards

For the gathered gift cards at the LifePoints Survey platform, individuals can redeem them according to the procedure below:-

  • First, go to the menu that says ‘Redeem your points’.
  • Go to the Rewards tab.
  • Now, the rewards landing page pops up.
  • Select how you need to use the rewards points. (Select from gift cards, PayPal, or Donate)
  • Several brands of gift cards are shown to redeem points.
  • Choose the brand and redeem the points.
  • Individuals will get their instant Amazon coupons in the email.

LifePoints Survey Experience

As a LifePoints associative member, individuals can share their views and opinions by finishing online surveys that include different aspects of daily life. Other portal activities include, such as mini surveys, product tests, and other concerning data collection, which also offers the chance to accumulate LifePoints and spend them on great rewards.

Survey solicitations are sent via email and can be allowed at any time during the survey period. Members do not require any special skills to complete the LifePoints Survey categories. If individuals can give us relevant ideas and complete the survey online, you’re good to go and also receive rewards and prizes!

The length of every online survey changes, but most surveys take 10-15 minutes. Pay for surveys varies and depends on the length of the survey, as well as the seriousness of the customer for respondents to finish it. The more urgent the task, the better the rewards it gives.

If a user starts a survey but doesn’t complete it, LifePoints will reward you with a small number of points in recognition of the efforts made. The number of points can be 2 or 3 points, but they will assist you to reach recovery levels quickly. In this way, a user can earn up to 10 additional LifePoints every day.

How Does The LifePoints Survey Platform Works?

LifePoints is a market survey brand that provides companies with information about their services and products. The platform works very simply. After registering at the survey portal, users will get a survey notification by email with which they can register.

Individuals can give their opinion on any accessible survey or only on those that interest you. The survey incorporates a wide variety of aspects of daily life, as well as the brands which can be used the most. However, the platform allows online surveys because it is a solitary way to get rewards.

Individuals can also perform accurate tasks, such as product testimonials and mini-surveys, among other data acquisition activities. This chance offers a supplementary way to boost rewards. Individuals can participate in surveys or activities as you like, as long as they are within the term of the survey portal.

No specialized skills or qualifications are needed to carry out these missions and surveys, but an internet connection is mandatory. Most Lifepoint Surveys need 10-15 minutes to complete. The reward you will get varies and usually depends on the length of the survey a user completes.

However, the urgency of the survey may also influence the prices received as a reward. Longer and more urgent tasks translate into more conventional salaries. What occurs if individuals don’t complete a survey completely? Don’t bother, as they can still earn some rewards.

The points you earn can range from 2 to 3 points per incomplete assignment or investigation. Although these are small payments, they can get you up to payment level in no time. In this way, individuals can earn up to 10 additional Life Points every day. This is useful as long as a user reach the pay level.

Final Wordings – LifePoints Survey

It is necessary to note that most of the paid survey sites do not provide this extensive payment alternative. Typically, participants will get points by the standard point system. These points can be interchanged for Amazon gift cards or PayPal vouchers.

Please note that your LifePoints are not stored momentarily in the account. If individuals are active members, they depart after a period of three years. However, if it is not active, the efficacy period is compressed to twelve months.