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Key2Benefits MasterCard is a prepaid debit card that provides access to insurance payments at the online platform. DWD previously utilized the EPPICard visa for the relevant customers. If individuals have an EPPICard, they can proceed to use the remaining balance on the card.

If individuals have an EPPICard, they will need to switch to the new Key2Benefits MasterCard to resume receiving unemployment insurance benefits online. To get more acknowledgment about Key2Benefits MasterCard unemployment benefits, continue below.

Official Namekey2benefits
UsageKey2benefits Debit Card
WebsiteOfficial Site

Key2Benefits Login Process

Key2Benefits Card must be activated and PIN code must be determined to log into the official site If account holders have not activated the card, call the number on the back of the card and follow the regulations to do so.

  • Go to official site
  • Enter the first nine digits of the card.
  • Login with the registered credentials.
  • Enter the user ID and password defined when creating the account.
  • Click on login to access the account.

Procedure To Activate The Card – Key2Benefits

For security reasons, cardholders can individually activate the card by dialing the number on the back and comprehending the official on-screen directions at the site If users are not yet registered, they can activate the card with the following procedure.

  • At the official site, click “New User? Register Now!” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter the 16 digit card number, card security code which can be located on the back of the card, on the right-hand side of the signature field.
  • Enter the code that shows that this is a valid transaction in the option showing Enter the code as it looks in the gray area.
  • Click on the Continue section.
  • After entering this data correctly, individuals will be asked to set up a user ID and password to access the card data in the future.

To activate the card, individuals will need to provide:

  • Registered Card Number
  • The last four digits of the social security number from the card
  • CVV, the three-digit number found on the back of the card.

To activate the card and also for the issue faced, do the following:

  • Call the number 200 on your card, cardholders will hear a welcome message.
  • Write or say the Key2Benefits card number. This will activate the card.
  • Cardholders will be directed to automatically select a secluded identification number or PIN to use the card at ATMs and commercial points (POS) to get a cash refund for the purchase.

Reset The Login Data At Key2Benefits Portal

Cardholders can reset the PIN code through or by calling the automated response system and regarding the instructions. The steps below show how to reset the PIN code at

  • Log into the Key2Benefits account.
  • Select the section “Change PIN code” from the menu on the left.
  • The Change PIN code screen appears.
  • Enter the old PIN code once (1) and the new PIN code twice (2) to confirm.
  • Click the Submit button.

To reset the PIN code using automated phone service:

  • Please dial the number on the back of your card.
  • Enter the card number, the last 4 of the SSN, and the CVV
  • Say “Change PIN code”; You will then be asked to enter a 4-digit PIN code (no need to enter the old PIN code) and then enter the new PIN code again to validate it.

Primary Identification – Key2Benefits

The primary ID is a valid government-issued photo ID with a signature. Here are some examples of government-issued photo identification:

A valid driver’s license for the state and other states, as determined by the industry and market. For instance, in several states, residents are provided a temporary ID when they apply for a new or renewed driver’s license.

The temporary driver’s license of this type is adequate for a short period, so the issuer has time to send the permanent driver’s license. A temporary driver’s license is an adequate primary form of identification, presented it is unexpired, and has a photo and signature.

Identity cards from the five occupied areas of the United States (Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa) are allowed as state identification and are accepted as the primary form ID.

Make Purchases With Key2Benefits Card

With the Key2Benefits card, the relevant cardholders can make the purchases wherever the Debit Mastercard is affirmed. When shopping at the retail area of sale, select Credit.

Many merchants allow a purchase refund. To accomplish this transaction, select “Direct debit” and enter the PIN code. If the merchant proposes a refund option, they will be proposed to select the amount they want to add to the purchase amount and the cashier will give the requested money with the purchase receipt.

Individuals can use the card to make purchases online, by phone, and by mail. Cardholders can also use the card to withdraw money from ATMs, banks, or credit unions, or to utilize the cashback rewards when shopping at associating retailers. The credit is automatically cut from the Key2Benefits card balance.

How To Check The Account Balance?

See the current account balance and transaction history of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the official site

  • Log in to and click on the Notifications tab to subscribe and get text notifications including current balance alerts.
  • Registered cardholders can configure the frequency of your messages in the “Notice”.
  • Email: Sign up to get a free email notification when funds are added to the account or deducted from it.
  • Phone: Call Key2Benefits customer service number mentioned on the back of the card.

Final Words – Key2Benefits

With the Key2Benefits card, individuals can make purchases anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. Individuals can utilize the Key2Benefits card for the purchases online, by phone, and also by the mail.

Cardholders can also use the card to withdraw money from ATMs, banks, or credit unions, or to use cash back bonuses while shopping at associating stores. The credit is deducted on its own from the Key2Benefits card balance.

Key2Benefits Card lets the relevant cardholders to make use of it at almost every next stores. For further assistance, you can comment down in the section below.