JackListens – Participate in the survey at www.jacklistens.com

It is solely believed that a suitable and loyal customer is always someone who tells the company how they can improve. The same applies to your favorite restaurant Jack in the box at JackListens Survey.

Hereby, take a 5-minute poll on the mailing list and tell Jack what didn’t you like about preparing his food. Was the quality of the food poor or was the food not prepared in the desired way the customer preferred? You will be asked to respond if you have negative/positive thoughts. Let go of the truth. They did the survey to discover its pros and cons the customer have in their mind.

Do you have a positive forgetfulness at the official restaurant? What impressed and encouraged you the most to visit again? Was the service from the chef or staff quick at the eatery house? Tell the company what touched you the most in the services and facilities?

JackListens Survey Procedure

Here is the legitimate and completely official JackListens survey procedure which every customer must follow at the platform.

  • Go to a Jack In The Box restaurant, buy and save your original receipt
  • Visit www.jacklistens.com to take the survey
  • Choose your preferred language, English, or Spanish to answer the survey questions
  • Enter your 14-digit JackListens code in the survey when prompted
  • Answer all the questions in the survey honestly and with candid thoughts
  • Note the code at the end of feedback form
  • Try to redeem your reward for two free Jack In The Box tacos the next time you visit at the similar restaurant
  • Visit the JackListens.com homepage
  • The black and white home page at www.jacklistens.com has the theme Jack in The Box official
  • The clown mascot playfully points to the center of the homepage, where he kindly invites you to choose your language, English or Spanish, to begin the survey procedure

The official survey that many don’t know is that you can run JackListens Survey every time you eat at a Jack In The Box official eatery house. This means that you are entitled to EVERY two free meals.


Official Name JackListens
Category Online Survey
Offers Cash Prizes, Coupons
Age & Criteria 18 or above and Residents of USA
Site Official Website

JackListens Survey Requirements 

  1. To visit the official website and complete the official survey at www.jacklistens.com, you need a private computer or another device with secured Internet access.
  2. A secured internet connection to search the website and an antivirus program to protect your website.
  3. The most important thing is to get Jack at The Box with the 14 digit code which opens the door at offers and benefits. The original 14-digit code is used to answer the Jack in the Box customer satisfaction survey. Be careful with this code which doing the procedure for redeeming.

JackListens Customer Satisfaction Survey

When you visit www.jacklistens.com, the language selection page is displayed. You can complete the questionnaire in Spanish or English.

After selecting the appropriate language, you will be forwarded to the next page of the official site, where you must enter the 14-digit code. After entering the JackListens Survey Code, you must follow the instructions correctly and you can easily complete the survey steps. You will receive your rewards at the end of the Jack in the Box survey procedure.

The rewards are displayed on Jack in the Box coupons, which you will only receive after completing the survey at www.jacklistens.com merely. You will receive the validation code, which you must write on the existing receipt you have. With this original receipt, you can earn the reward for each Jack in the Box location on your next visit at the same restaurant.

JackListens Rewards 

Jack in the Box recognizes you by offering rewards and benefits. So have a chance to win a free coupon and vouchers by adding Jack to the boxing poll. The Jack in the Box coupon contains the deals printed on your coupon and the original receipt.

Do you prefer the variety of dishes that Jack in the Box offers? Do you like the possibility of personalized food and beverages? Is the promised service your favorite? Jack listens to the box and wonders what you think about the services offered. Take the time to complete your official survey at www.jacklistens.com and get a free taco anvil the next time you shop or buy!

JackListens Survey Terms

All the customers are requested to refer to the guidelines and requirements below to include the connection in the online Jack in the box survey.

  • Kindly, open to legal US citizens over the age of 18.
  • I need a complete proof of purchase for Jack in the Box as of the original receipt
  • All laptops / PCs/smartphones with a good and secured internet connection are required.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish is mandatory
  • Requires one person per visit for the benefits
  • Conduct the survey within 3 days of receipt for enrollment
  • Redeem your coupon at the official restaurant

Make sure to visit the official website within three days of purchase and choose your preferred language to start your survey process. Enter the 11-digit code between the receipt and billing details at the original receipt. Enter the date and time on the proof of purchase and determine whether you should drive, dine, or play at the restaurant. Now you can continue answering legitimate questions about your last visit to Jack in the Box. Finally, you will receive a JackListens Confirmation Code, write it on the receipt and send it on your next visit to receive my free tacos at any eatery house.

About JackListens Survey 

The Jack in the Box has been around for almost 70 long and successful years in the market. Satisfy your hunger with one of your burgers and wash it with a glass of your popular smoothie for a delicious bite! Every time you visit the nearest official store, you will find a wide variety of dishes. However, there are around 2,200 restaurants in the United States (West Coast), making it difficult to manage each based on your needs of the food which is most preferable. So they need your help! Take the JackListens Survey to get several benefits offered by the brand at the survey platform.