How to implement blended learning in the right way [eBook Launch]

What is the right way to implement blended learning in your L&D program?

Modern teams have certain expectations for personal growth and company-provided training. Gone are the days when one-size-fits-all modules would suffice and staff were content with top-down learning initiatives. Today, your employees want to train on their own terms and be fully involved with distant peers. This e-book explores all that is needed to launch a mixed collaborative learning strategy that yields results.

E-book release: The right way to do blended learning

Ebook release

The right way to do blended learning

Your students want to train at their own pace and learn from their peers – and now, this ebook is here to show you.

The time has come to reconsider blended learning

It involves a mix of face-to-face instruction and online training activities with traditional mixed learning. However, you will need more than that to maintain balance. Students often improve in social settings because it gives them the opportunity to share their stories and learn from each other’s experiences. Unfortunately, the epidemic has forced us to come up with new ways to meet this basic human need. Write collaborative education. This new mixed learning approach lets you tap into the full potential of peer coaching and support. You can use peer-based networks to quickly fill gaps and personalize training paths.

About this ebook

Is your current L&D strategy frustrating to students? Are you looking for cost-effective ways to share knowledge remotely? 360Learning’s ebook explores the benefits of new mixed learning and how you can build a collaborative learning culture in your organization. A quick preview of what you’ll find in this guide:

  • The Shift which is Killing Traditional Blended Learning
  • 3 benefits of new mixed learning
  • Top-down learning is over — and collaborative learning continues


Download the e-book on Blended Learning for tips to change your mixed learning mindset and get the most out of collaborative knowledge sharing. Regardless of the size of your industry or workforce, you will discover how to create new blended learning strategies that are employee-centered and results-driven.

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