How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Employee Training

How to maximize the benefits and minimize the pitfalls when implementing employee training software

Trying to train your team and prepare them for every bump in the road can be expensive. While investing in a new employee training LMS can help stretch your budget and improve resource allocation, you may still run into a lot of problems when implementing your new software. Our e-book can help you create a plan of action and streamline your LMS launch, regardless of how many resources you have on hand. First, let’s look at some tips for getting the most out of your new employee training software and minimizing obstacles.

E-Book Release: Employee Training for Your Mobile Workforce: How to Maximize the Benefits and Minimize the Pitfalls

Ebook release

Employee Training for Your Mobile Workforce: How to Maximize the Benefits and Minimize the Pitfalls

This ebook can help you create a plan of action and streamline your LMS launch, regardless of how many resources you have on hand.

4 Tips to Maximize the Benefits and Minimize the Cons

1. Set a realistic budget before vetting LMS vendors

Many companies dive right into the research process without a clear idea of ​​how much they are willing (or able) to spend. This results in overpriced options on your shortlist, which is a waste of time. Or you invest in the wrong tool that ends up costing you more than you budgeted for because you didn’t account for hidden fees. This is why it is essential to set a realistic budget in advance and plan ahead for ongoing maintenance. For example, how much will it cost to upgrade the tool or develop additional content in the future? Or do you need to pay extra for advanced support services if you plan to hire less-tech-savvy staff members?

2. Each team member has a part to play

Every employee exposed to the LMS should play a role in the selection and implementation process. Even if it’s as minor as filling out a survey to let you know what features they’re looking for or what gaps they need to address. Gather information from your team to identify your employee training software must-haves so you can choose the best tool for your budget. Your L&D team can also expose what functions they need on the back-end, such as customizable reporting. Assessing your current LMS metrics to identify performance issues is another way to maximize benefits. If you want to get the best returns, your new employee training software will help you overcome these problems.

3. Be picky about test drives (and equipped with evaluation criteria)

There isn’t enough time to try every tool on the market—or even on your top 10 list, for that matter. Just make a point to test-drive online employee training LMS solutions that fall within your price range and meet your evolving needs. For example, if you expand your staff size during busy seasons, you may be able to add additional users. One of the most expensive pitfalls to avoid is using a free trial with no benchmarks. You don’t know what you’re looking for. As such, it may take less time to implement your new system within your organization. Again, invite key people from each user group or department to give their feedback.

4. Create a timeline that maps out important sub-tasks

Time is money. And an employee training LMS implementation schedule helps you break down the process into manageable steps and subtasks. You can then keep a financial total for each stage of the process, as well as determine how long it will take to get started. For example, you estimate that it takes about a week for your team to set up the system and get used to its features. You can account for this in your salary to avoid going over budget. But it will also give you a general idea of ​​the learning curve involved on the front end so you can determine how much time to set aside after rollout for the entire workforce to adapt.


Choosing a new employee training LMS is a team effort. It also calls for you to map out every aspect of the process so you can calculate a realistic timeline as well as look for LMS features that not only address organizational objectives, but employee preferences as well. Download our eBook, Employee Training Software Simplified: Your Guide to Choosing the Best Employee Training LMS for Your Budget, before you start vetting LMS candidates to avoid common mistakes and calculate the actual costs involved.

Check out our online directory after getting your guide to getting started with the best LMS options. It’s complete with features, reviews, ratings and company information on leading sellers. You can also see a comparison of our top three solutions to see which one fits your needs and budget.

Download the e-book Employee Training for Your Mobile Workforce: How to Maximize Benefits and Minimize Losses to Exceed Employee Expectations and Achieve Your Objectives.

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