Guest post showcases the e-learning industry [July 2022]

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So much to read and so little time. Fortunately, this article highlights the top 5 guest author posts you should read today From driving workforces to storytelling for learning, our guest post contributors offer their insights on a wide range of eLearning topics.

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Guest Posting Guide: How to Become a Top Content Contributor in the E-Learning Industry

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5 guest posts to add to your eLearning TBR list

1. Storytelling for Learning: How to Tell Stories That Inspire Action by Emily Gore

To inspire action, stories must be told effectively. Emily Gore explores how storytelling works, why it’s so effective and how you can tell stories that inspire people to take action.

2. Your Guide to Increasing Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Workplace by Varthika Kashyap

Hybrid environments are a big trend that few realize and will become more dominant in the near future. Vartika Kashyap explains why now is the time to start thinking about how hybrid spaces in your office can be more productive and engaged.

3. The Metaverse in E-Learning by Ajay Kumar

Advancing technology and pandemics have changed the way we work. Technology has become the backbone of remote work, training and onboarding. Ajay Kumar highlights why Metaverse Training has the potential to transform remote training, engage the workforce and improve the employee experience.

4. How to Design E-Learning That Engages Employees by Debashree Michelle Dutta

Read about the key principles of running eLearning for employees. Debashree Michelle Dutt shares 5 critical e-learning tips from relevance to employee satisfaction.

5. How you can start using audio to engage your students by Scott Hewitt

It’s easier than ever to record, capture and create great audio Nevertheless, many developers and designers ignore the impact of audio when designing their learning experiences. Scott Hewitt looks at what you should consider before starting your next project.

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