Guest post showcase of e-learning industry [April 2022]

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Each month we show our top guest post contributors how they have shared their tips, strategies and insights with our e-learning community. These articles cover the entire e-learning spectrum, from intuitive learning to motivation by evaluating students’ gaming habits. Here are the best of the best guest writers for the month of April.

Ebook Release: Guest Posting Guide: How To Be A Top Content Contributor In The E-Learning Industry

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Guest Posting Guide: How To Be A Top Content Contributor In The E-Learning Industry

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1. Let’s Talk Ad: It Still Matters Written by Gaurab Amatya

There are real reasons why some people in the instructional design industry hate the ADDIE model. However, this article by Gaurav Amatya explores why ADDIE is still alive and well, and why there is reason to believe that it will continue.

2. How to hire and retain skilled maintenance staff by Erin Wagner

This article outlines five ways employers can hire and retain skilled maintenance staff. Erin Wagner explains why simply offering a job and telling employees to “keep it up” would not be enough in today’s maintenance market.

3. Reverse your teaching by Aya Ismail

Have you tried the flipped learning method? Aya Ismail discusses why you should, and how to do it in simple steps, as well as flipping classrooms in a corporate context.

4. Top 5 Ways to Transform Artificial Intelligence eCommerce by Shivbhadra Singh Gohil

The ecommerce world is currently going through a huge AI revolution. In this article, Shivbhadra Singh Gohil shows 5 ways that are changing the AI e-commerce market, from voice search to intelligent e-learning chatbots.

5. How to inspire students by testing their gaming style by Doria Dudenkova

In this guest post, Daria Dudenkova can help trainers learn about the types of gamers and how they play games, and how to best motivate their students in and out of the classroom.

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