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Glance Intuit provides visual engagement and the relevant services that can be availed at the official login platform. When Glance Intuit detects the consumer’s presence on the site, the section changes from blue to orange. With just one click, the user can navigate with the client, see what they see, and immediately fix the issue.

Experience a real-time visualization with companies’ services, vendors, or other divisions of the business association. Make a visual connection with clients, alumni, retail stores, candidates, or anyone else who is important to business success, direct from the community spot.

Official NameGlance Intuit
TypeLogin Portal
SiteOfficial WebSite

Login Procedure –

How to connect the official login platform at Meetings with co-workers can be enrolled with the These associations can be an audio call or just a chat. Individuals can constantly select among the forms of information that users need to select. This is a simple procedure that users can work to join a session:

  • Visit the official site at only.
  • Press the Login button that looks on the toolbar in the top right corner.
  • Enter the viewing address in the section correctly.
  • Enter the concourse key in the relevant segment.
  • Click on the Join Section button.

Note: If users want to make an audio call, the user’s host requires to call you or dial a contact number to make a call.

Summary Download

  • Admittance Quickbooks online or Proconnect assembly.
  • Individuals should have towards the operator’s number.
  • Once the have the number, visit and log in.
  • If you haven’t noticed a window with a quantity, click here.

Pro Tip: Skip the download next time and click here to join the chrome extension.

  • Remote access to
  • Click here to download the Glance Intuit application
  • Open Glance in the Downloads folder
  • Click to start Glance

Here are the relevant steps to follow if users have problems:

  • Refresh the page at
  • Please try repeatedly with the browser
  • If users are utilizing a VPN, connect and try over

Forget Password –

If you’ve earlier signed in, but can’t log into the account due to dizzy memory, don’t worry, users can safely reset the password and access the account over. Individuals just require to view the instructions below and follow them:

  • Visit the official website at
  • Press on the My Account button that seems on the menubar.
  • Enter the forget password section just below the password box.
  • Enter the viewing address.
  • Enter the registered email address.
  • Individuals can select the New connection alternative or Send a password reset email alternative.
  • Users will obtain an email with a reliable link.
  • Visit the link and reset the password.
  • Create appealing videos for efficient branding and advertising.

Note: Users must not hesitate in changing the password after getting the loop by email. In fact, the link posted to the email is barely valid for two days. Therefore, users must reset the password during this time. The link terminates for some of the security reasons.

Salesforce Service Cloud –

When customers have inquiries about the products or services, they do study online, diagnose obstacles on their own, and interact with the call center agents for free and concise answers, all from exposure.

With Glance video, screen partition, and billing resolutions, the team can instantly and quickly view and resolve issues, whether in the cloud, on a site, or with the client. The result is less loss and tear, better consumer satisfaction and loyalty, and the best reasonable experience.

The best part is that these benefits are delivered in the cloud of services. Designed for today’s portable consumers, Glance empowers sales teams to make requests in addition to one-dimensional calls and SMS communications.

Enhance the clients’ sales activity with dynamic product demos, shared purchasing experiences, and real-time closing support. Utilize visual action and increase the conversion rates, build a modified pipeline, and close more deals without dropping the Sales Cloud.

The Brand Perception –

No one more has what we offer. With twenty-one patents pending, Glance is the industry’s just smart omnichannel marketing communication solution. Integrate the CRM, get published when high-quality clients are on the site, and proactively join with the Glance Intuit for assistance or share guided in-room demos with the potential clients.

No download or installation expected, just one-click instantly and secure connections. Our clients prefer us and one look makes life easier for business people and delegates and produces a better environment with more enhanced agent loyalty and greater consumer loyalty.

With approximately 130 ratings on the Salesforce app exchange, Glance’s visual communication clarifications receive 4.9 out of 5 stars. Our customers say things like that the Our experts can see what the client remarks and take action along with the highlight areas that lead you.

The one-sided video provides the client to join with the specialist they are discussing with the Game Changer for Intuit Stacie Herring, Director of Assisted Experience at Intuit, and Blick has grown our sales procedure.

Its performance has surpassed our expectations Kevin Yu, Senior Director of IT, Trident University. Our customers’ clients choose us with instant visible interaction solutions, clients and agents can connect instantly via browser, cloud, desktop, or mobile device.

Instead of implying customers’ proposals like Are you online? or What do you see? others dive right into the instructions they require. Seeing the representative’s face further improves the discussion.

Earn the trust of the older generations and present them the private touch that younger generations suspect. In fact, some of the customers saw a video of a one-sided agent proposing their company’s confident Net Promoter Score (NPS) until the year 1990s.

About –

With the Glance Lightning element, account holders can operate directly with resellers, wholesalers, partners, and clients. With visual interaction solutions, individuals can lead visitors to the data they require to be successful.

One look develops the consumer experience, allowing for visual synergy. Our profound integration with business systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Moxie, and others presents customer’s unparalleled insight into sales activity, inclusive of the measurable impact of sales receipts.