Get started with VR for training [eBook Launch]

How to use VR for your training program

Many organizations avoid immersive learning in its various forms because they think it is too challenging to implement. However, modern technology allows each company to do the most VR training and facilitates real-world applications. But where do you even start and which tool is right for the task? This ebook explores the basics of virtual reality training to help you get started.

Ebook Release: VRoom: Getting Started with VR for Training

Ebook release

VRoom: Getting started with VR for training

From high retention to improved muscle memory, there are dozens of reasons to adopt VR. If you are ready to try it, this ebook guides you through every step and component.

Why VR is such a powerful training tool

One of the most effective ways to provide VR hands-on training for training, whether your employees work remotely or return to the office. Employees have the ability to test new approaches, perfect their performance behaviors, and build critical skills in a safe and supportive environment. They also get instant feedback, which allows them to fill in the gaps at the scene and avoid mistakes at work. In short, Virtual Reality allows each member of your team to expand their professional horizons in a fraction of the time and continually develop their talents.

About this ebook

Why should your organization consider VR for training? How can you prove that it will pay? Which software should you use to reduce the learning curve and implement VR as soon as possible? eLearning Brother’s eBook has answers to your most pressing VR questions. Here’s a brief glimpse of what you’ll find inside this VR training guide:

  • Project Inspiration: Why does this learning work well in VR?
  • Corporate buy-in: Set expectations, maximize internal resources, and consider how to display ROI.
  • Filming Scene: Explore “sewing areas” and avoid common mistakes.
  • Scenario creation: Add interactivity like any other authoring app.


Download ebook VRoom: Get started with VR for training to unlock the full potential of virtual reality for your L&D program.

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