eLearning Trailblazers: Inventor of the cutting-edge EdTech

EdTech is honoring inventors who are two steps ahead of the trend

It seems that learning technology is constantly evolving and adapting to meet our current needs and expectations. Fortunately, we have EdTech inventors who keep us informed. These trailblazers take every opportunity to showcase new technologies and offer tips for choosing the best tool for the job. So, today, we pay tribute to the thoughtful leaders who are leading our e-learning technology to the future with their insights and skills. In no particular order, here are the top EdTech movers and shakers.

You should know about the cutting-edge EdTech inventors

Kevin Cruz

Kevin Cruz’s goal is to inspire future leaders. As the founder and CEO of LEADx, he provides AI-powered next-generation leadership capabilities that enable new leaders to acquire the necessary skills and build their confidence. Kevin is also a NY Times bestselling author, a Forbes contributor, an advisor to Fortune 500 entrepreneurs and a keynote speaker on topics ranging from employee engagement to entrepreneurship and startups.

Donald H. Taylor

Donald H. Taylor is an acclaimed author and researcher on learning and learning technology in the workplace. Throughout his career, he has held several positions, from developer to vice president, but his vision has always been the same: to help education and development professionals move forward. In his speech, he spoke about the professional development of L&D and technology-supported education. In addition to serving as chairman of the Learning Technologies Conference in 2000, he hosted and edited a fortnightly webinar program. Inside Learning Technologies Magazine.

Bertlomiz Polakowski

As a senior e-learning architect at Amazon, Bartlomiz Polakowski plays a major role in helping companies choose the right e-learning solutions that will enhance their employee development. Bertlomiz shares his knowledge of learning technology on his blog and at conferences, where he talks about VR / AR, online learning, the learning ecosystem, instructional design and more.

Thomas C. Murray

Thomas Murray is the Director of Innovation for Future Ready School, a project of the Alliance of Excellent Education aimed at implementing personalized and student-centered education. Thomas is the best-selling author and keynote speaker of the year, who has been named the 2018 National / Global Adtech Leader of the Year. Adtech Digest. He is one of the co-founders of #edtechchat, a Twitter forum where educators around the world discuss the effective use of educational technology.

Dr. Caitlin Tucker

A former academic, Dr. Caitlin Tucker is now a bestselling author, keynote speaker and international trainer. He earned his doctorate in technology learning from Pepperdine University and has since been trying to assist educators in blending technology with traditional teaching methods. Her main focus, of course, is mixed learning, which she supports in her books, lectures, blogs and podcasts.

Alice Killer

Alice Killer is a solution-driven educator who is passionate about educators helping to use educational technology, gamified learning, and learning technologies in the best possible way. He is an EdTech Integration, Virtual Learning, a Google-certified inventor, and a Microsoft Innovation Educator. You will be able to share his expert knowledge on educational technology in workshops and conferences around the world.

Ben Drew

Ben Drew is the founder of Open Future Learning, an innovative online education resource dedicated to developmental, intellectual and learning disabilities. Ben collaborated with other leading thinkers in the industry and spoke at conferences and workshops on storytelling power, fascinating content, on-demand learning, dedicated specialists, action learning, and mixed learning for people with disabilities.

Adam Geller

Adam Geller is the founder of Edtenha, a video conferencing platform that allows educators to share best practices, streamline observations and make sure they reach their maximum potential. He is a published author, as well as an interested speaker on teaching technology and teacher training around the world.

Doug Lederman

Doug Lederman is the editor and co-founder of Inside Higher Aid, a leading online news source for the higher education community. He focused on demonstrating new ways in which educational institutions could move to distance learning after the effects of the epidemic. Doug is an acclaimed EdTech thought leader who regularly shares his insights on higher education on the media or across campus across the country.

Vicky Davis

Vicky Davis is a public advocate for helping teachers, IT directors, bloggers, podcasters, speakers and educators reach their full potential so that they can lead with a positive impact and have access to the best practices. Her podcast is among the top ten K12 podcasts on iTunes and has been named Top Education Voice 2020 by LinkedIn. You’ll find him speaking at conferences across the country about education technology, computer science, classroom blogging, and more.

James Stack

James Stack is a powerful advocate for new ways of learning to support the future of work. He builds his maximum background in digital marketing to design workplace learning solutions that change behavior and remove core business metrics. James’ organization Forget Me Knot is known for creating a microlearning spaced repetition app.

Jennifer Carolan

Jennifer Carolan is the co-founder and general partner of Reach Capital, a company made up of a diverse group of people eager to empower students and educators. He has co-founded a number of funds since 2011, all with the aim of creating exceptional tools for educators, compelling learning materials for children and a support system for their parents.

Brandon Boosted

As Chief Partnership Officer at Kaplan and Global Head of Learn-Work Innovation, Brandon Bustid aims to help improve and grow higher education institutions and employers in the United States. Early in his career, Brandon was the founder and CEO of Outside the Classroom, an EdTech company whose online courses were accepted by more than 10 million college students. He is a published author and keynote speaker on education and workforce development, as well as board members of the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Jesse Lubinski

Jesse Lubinsky is Adobe Inc.’s education promoter and founder and chief learning officer of Ready Learner One, an innovative learning solution provider. He has two decades of experience as a teacher, school administrator and education technician and has been named one of EdTech’s 100 Top Experts as well as the Top K12 Tech Leader. In addition to being a frequent keynote speaker, Jesse runs a podcast and a virtual reality show that focuses on innovation in learning.

Sophie Bailey

Sophie Bailey is the founder of Worktrip and Adtech Podcasts. The former aims to help remote-first companies recruit new talent, while the latter focuses on streamlining the dialogue between “ed” and “tech” to achieve more innovation. He has held the positions of Industry Director and Consultant, Panel Discussion Moderator and Judge of Education and EdTech Awards around the world. He always tries to help people bring their ideas to life.

Carl AL Smith

Carl AL Smith is the co-founder of Agile World, a nonprofit that supports educational and training initiatives that provide free, fast-moving resources to everyone. He has always been fascinated by the concept of technology and how it can help develop human experience. Its main focus is customer experience engagement and management in the B2B and B2C sectors. He is a multi-award winning thinker and a prominent writer.

Raffran Davis

Rafranz Davis is an Associate Content Manager at LinkedIn. Prior to that, he was a technology instructor and keynote speaker at technology tools such as Google Workspace, Adobe Creative Suite, and more. He is a Google-certified inventor and a Microsoft Innovation Education Specialist. Rafranz is an advisor to multiple technology companies and an interested speaker at local, state and national events on topics such as Connected Learning, Digital Equity, Student Data and Privacy and Creativity and Diversity at EdTech.

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