E-learning titles to ease you into autumn: 14 hidden gems


E-learning titles you should check out today

Summer is almost at an end and it’s time to start thinking about your fall TBR list. So, we’ve prepared a handy list of e-learning ebook hidden gems to help you get comfortable with a good read and tackle your biggest L&D challenges. In this edition, we’ve divided our e-book titles into four categories that cover everything from company culture-building to L&D modernization. Here are some that will catch your eye as you head into summer.

Prepare your teams for emerging challenges and modernize your L&D programs

Insider secrets to choosing the best custom learning solutions for the future of work by Integra

Many organizations hire external suppliers to manage the development and delivery of training resources, from custom-tailored JIT tools to immersive VR simulations. And there are a large number of companies that decide to do it themselves. What is the right decision for? yours Organization? This eBook walks you through every aspect of the evaluation process so you can easily choose the right solution for your organization.

Digital Workplace Transformation at Spark by iTacit

For frontline and remote workers, intelligent, digital workforce tools make their shifts more fulfilling and productive. They benefit from technology at every point of their day. Preparing employees for the jobs of tomorrow is key to helping employees stay motivated to learn and eager to contribute. Download this eBook to Spark Light!

The Future of Work: The Role of Instructional Design in Transforming VILT to E-Learning in 2021 by Allen Communications

This e-book includes information for transitioning to a new, hybrid workplace that includes both in-person and remote work. Discover how transforming VILT into eLearning through effective instructional design can revolutionize your L&D initiative!

Adaptation is the new plan: Training by SAP Litmos is at the core

The pandemic has shown that the business environment can change unexpectedly and is less in control than we like to think. The competitive advantage went to those who adapted the fastest, especially when it came to training people. This e-book shows you how to develop a flexible training and business strategy to meet emerging challenges. Discover the new plan why adaptation!

Is it time for a company culture change?

Time for a Change: How to Launch a Successful Cultural Transformation Training Strategy for Your Enterprise by Docebo

Adapting to new team leadership, task protocols or company policies is never easy. Online training and ongoing support can ease your team’s transition and reduce stress. This eBook helps you introduce employees to the new brand values, corporate beliefs, and core principles of your changing organizational culture. It shows you how to continuously evolve your brand through the right cultural transformation training strategies.

It’s all about your people! Adopting human-centered business, workplace culture, and learning design by SweetRush

Hear that carp call the day? It is an invitation to reimagine work as a source of resilience—and to foster a culture of innovation, inclusion, and lifelong learning. Get inspired by these lessons from SweetRush’s 20-year adventure as a people-centered organization!

Organizational Maturity Concepts: Achieving an Agile Innovation Culture through a Learning Maturity Model by Kineo

Every organization has a learning culture – but what about yours? Kineo asks what drives organizations to accelerate toward a greater level of learning maturity and shows how you can transition from one stage to another.

Mobile, micro, and beyond: How to shape your strategy and choose the right technology

Your Microlearning Journey Roadmap: How to Launch a Microlearning Game-Based Strategy That Gets Results Fast by Code of Talent

Game-based learning shifts the focus of learning from basic lectures and written texts to more interactive methods that help participants acquire skills and work toward their goals and objectives. This e-book explores the benefits of game-based learning and how it helps bridge gaps and enhance performance. It also includes real-life examples and case studies so you can harness the full potential of microlearning gamification for your L&D program.

Reshaping talent development: How technology is redefining performance management through training

This e-book looks at how technology is redefining performance management, the experience gaps that remain, and how new, smarter solutions are leading HR leaders and employees to be better, more effective, and more efficient. The potential starts here!

Education Maturity Matters: Learning Management Survey by Cornerstone OnDemand

In the summer of 2020, Cornerstone surveyed HR and learning professionals about the current state of learning within their organizations. Here’s what we can learn from the answers, and steps forward based on the learning management survey results.

L&D is essential for corporate e-learning professionals

10 Scary Realities of Corporate E-Learning by Allen Interactions

In many professional fields, it is usually a good strategy to look to common practices in the field as a guide—perhaps not for the most cutting-edge ideas, but at least for reliable models to follow. Unknown to many, in e-learning, this is often a recipe for disaster. This eBook covers 10 (unfortunately) common design practices that represent some of the grim realities of corporate eLearning.

Creating value through outsourcing: How L&D teams can leverage strategic partnerships to meet increased expectations from the business through EI design

This e-book shares insights on how L&D teams can use e-learning outsourcing to accelerate training needs and growing business needs.

Introduction of E-Learning in Telecom Industry by TalentLMS

As the global pandemic unfolds, virtual connections quickly become a staple of work and personal communication. The business world has gone through a rapid digital transformation. And telecommunications solutions and services rush to adapt. Now, instead of checking out, your entire telecom organization is turning to training.

How L&D leaders are using mobile learning to drive performance and revenue with MindSpring

The company featured in this story, AshCom, is fictional, but the mobile learning challenges that Kathryn, AshCom’s CLO, and her team faced are real and commonly shared by learning teams in corporations, nonprofits, associations, and education. Download this eBook to connect with the characters, their challenges, and the custom mobile learning solutions they discover

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