Driving serious learning through gamification

Leverage gamification to boost engagement and performance

A popular myth surrounding gamification is that it is a fun distraction from serious learning. In fact, effective gamification techniques have the power to engage students, reinforce knowledge, and provide insightful feedback. So, how do you use gamification for serious learning and how can it be used to motivate your remote workforce? This eBook shows you how to improve employee performance and achieve your objectives through game-based learning.

Ebook Release: Driving Serious Learning Through Gamification

Ebook release

Driving serious learning through gamification

Discover strategies and insights that will help you leverage gamification to drive serious learning, increase student engagement, and improve performance.

The connection between gamification and serious learning experiences

Gamification has the potential to bridge the gap between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. First, students can try to earn that badge or reach the next level for public recognition. However, eventually, they realize that what they are really after is a personal sense of achievement and fulfillment. Thus, game mechanics become the catalyst for employee growth.

About this eBook

What are the benefits of gamification for serious learning? What design techniques should you consider? Here’s a quick glimpse of what you’ll find in this eBook:

  • Why you should use gamification to take driving lessons seriously: Discover how to use gamified learning to break free from these limitations and make training more effective and engaging.
  • How to get started with a gamification strategy for your training: Learn how you can apply a gamified learning approach to your training program.
  • How to use gamification to promote active learning in changing workplace dynamics: How can you use gamification to drive active learning in the workplace to address challenges?
  • What gamification design strategies can be used to engage and energize your learners: Explore gamification design techniques you can use to engage and motivate your students.
  • How to use game-based learning to drive learner engagement and motivation: Understand how game-based learning can foster greater student engagement and more.


Download the eBook Driving Serious Learning Through Gamification for tips, tricks and proven strategies for tapping into the power of gamification for employee development.

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