CTA optimized for an e-learning provider directory

Privacy to optimize your CTA for an e-learning provider directory

Visitors to the e-learning provider directory are already interested in solving online training, so this is less of a hurdle. The strategy is to get them the rest of the way, get them to click on your list, then check out your landing page to learn more about your services as well as use your online portfolio and read the reviews to build credibility. And it requires a top call to action (CTA), i.e., a call to action that creates an instant relationship with buyers. Use these 8 tips to optimize your CTA and notice the worthy leads

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1. Create their curiosity with a question

Start with a question that leads leaders to think that the CTA is written just for them. Make them curious about your e-learning solution and how it can benefit their bottom line. For example, do they need to “reduce seating time and increase employee productivity”? To find out how they need to click on the link. Of course, you can’t make false promises. You must follow your landing page if you include a question in your CTA.

2. Use the command action that makes them click

Leads do not want to beat around the bushes. They want to know why your company is different and how you can help them achieve their goals. Use the command action to establish yourself as an authority, someone who knows the ins and outs of online training development and all the challenges that come with it. For example, “Visit our site to request a free quote” tells buyers exactly what to do. That said, they should never feel compelled to do anything.

3. Cite interesting e-learning solution information and statistics

There is not much space in the CTA, but you can include an amazing statistic or information to click. Just make sure it’s a tie in your niche and not too loud. For example, you want to attract more clients from the hospitality sector, so include a statistic about low bookings and how it relates to employee skills gaps or work performance. When using data and statistics, there must be a cause and effect.

4. Explain where the link leads

Everyone likes a good secret, but not in the case of CTAs in e-learning provider directories. Buyers need to know where they are going and why. Explain where the link takes them so that there are no unwanted surprises. Keep in mind that searchers are wary of black hat SEO tactics these days. As a result, you need to be clear about your intentions and what you can offer qualified leads. If you say it takes them to your portfolio, don’t take them to the pricing option page. This is why it is so important to customize your PPC listing and update your links frequently.

5. Make it urgent

Most companies already have a deadline. However, content development companies still need to create a sense of urgency or exclusivity. For example, you only have a limited number of spots left on your schedule, or the special offer is only good until this date. Encourage them to click on the link now. Chances are, if they close the page, they won’t return, so you need to make it urgent so they can take action now.

6. Tie your niche development company in the niche

Instead of just asking them to click, specify specific training challenges or goals that relate to the topic, for example, you need to bring in more product knowledge training or conflict management projects. This includes the common barriers that training niche-related organizations face. Not only will you showcase your in-house knowledge but you will reach your target market because PPC ads will appear when companies search for these specializations.

7. Include positive reviews

Some e-learning content providers even use positive reviews in the CTA. Okay, you have to keep it short, so it’s usually a snippet of success story. You can name-drop some of your known clients. For example, you have worked with many Fortune 500 companies, including (insert name here). Just make sure you do not violate any privacy agreement in the process. Of course, they can also see the latest ratings and reviews in your directory listing.

8. Be personable and professional

CTAs should be written by people for people. We’ve all read calls that hit the wrong tone. They may be too formal or even shy as if the company is judging you or your business decisions. The key is to maintain balance. You want to be professional to build credibility, but you also need to be communicative. Keep it conversational so that leads make instant connections. In fact, try reading the CTA aloud to make sure it evokes the right emotion. Does it seem like you’re “talking” to the lead? Is it too casual?


For a call to action, lead should be encouraged to click without pushing them out of their comfort zone. For example, hard-cell language usually makes them think that you have the upper hand, they have no control over the situation. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Create an urgent feeling without pushing too hard. This is the key to building more leads and maximizing your e-learning company’s list with PPC.

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