Creating an advanced global e-learning experience [eBook Launch]

How to fully engage your global learners

Every member of your audience deserves equal educational opportunity. But how do you create meaningful experiences that resonate with everyone, no matter where they are or what their unique learning needs may be? This e-book can help you create a better global e-learning experience that welcomes every member of your organization.

Ebook Release: Creating an Advanced World E-Learning Experience

Ebook release

Creating an advanced global e-learning experience

Discover how to save time and money to create an engaging and effective e-learning experience for everyone.

Why Inclusion and Accessibility E-learning is essential

While some organizations see e-learning localization as a thought, others may perceive it as an unnecessary expense. In reality, does any organization really have the capacity? No. Focus on inclusion and accessibility? It is not a matter of mere consent. Creating an e-learning experience that is culturally and linguistically appropriate ensures that your online students fully understand the content and retain the knowledge for later use. It helps to alleviate cognitive overload and improve overall engagement, as well as increase collaboration among distant peers. It is assumed that many organizations do not intentionally exclude students. This ebook describes how some development programs have been ineffective since day one.

About this ebook

Why are so many e-learning experiences ruined from the beginning? How can you turn the tide and create interesting content that respects cultural differences? Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in this ultimate e-learning localization guide:

  • Transferred sand: HR’s focus has shifted from training staff to providing learning experiences for staff.
  • Language and cultural barriers: The biggest barrier to the effectiveness of learning content is the linguistic and cultural differences.
  • Incompetent from the beginning: Why developers sometimes struggle to keep up with change.
  • Building Better: Remember translation and adaptation from the beginning.


Download an e-book to learn why localization of e-learning content is so important and why it is often ineffective from the start. Creating an advanced world e-learning experience.

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