Are Link Building Services Reliable? 7 things to look for

Here are 7 things to look for when selecting a link building service

Link building services are currently thriving in the SEO market. Increasing competition has created an abundance of multiple services that provide multiple benefits. However, questions remain about the reliability of such services.

There are multiple indications that a backlink service is reliable In this article, we create a checklist and present them that you should consider before partnering with SEO experts and link builders.

In addition, a checklist of “red flags” is provided so you can avoid any potential damage.

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What is link building?

Link building is one of the most important part of an SEO strategy. By definition, link building is the process of linking pages from your website to another page of your website or to a third party website. Although it sounds simple in theory, link building is a complex technique that often requires a professional touch. Now that you know what link building is, let’s go a little deeper.

There are different link building strategies that vary depending on the type of link and the end goal. Some of the famous ones that use link building SEO services are:

Simply put, this strategy is content exchange for a link. You write content on a website that allows guests to post and you get a direct link from there.

This method requires searching for relevant content online. You find an article that matches you, email the author and ask for a link.

Rather complex but highly useful broken link building techniques. Broken links from other websites allow you to enter and fill in the gaps with your content. This is a win-win situation because the website removes the broken link and you get a valuable link.

Why do you need a link building service?

SEO is one of the most complex areas of digital marketing. It operates in a changing environment so that new updates, rules and restrictions are published frequently. This requires constant updates and professional help when dealing with SEO strategies. As a result, performing link building of your business may seem easy, but without professionals, you can damage your website with fines instead of increasing your rankings.

This is why a link building strategy is often necessary if you aim to increase your SEO rankings. Collaborating with proper backlink building services can boost your rankings and drive organic traffic to your website. In short, make sure you do the following:

  1. Your SEO initiatives are managed by experts in your niche.
  2. Minimize contributions from your edges. Often, such services do all the “dirty work”. Therefore, you save a lot of valuable time rather than time consuming process.
  3. You avoid potential ranking penalties.

Finding the right link building service can be beneficial for your business. However, this is not an easy process, since there are shady services that do not deliver on what they promise. There are a few things you need to be aware of before choosing a link building service vendor.

What are the benefits of teaming up with link builders?

Link building initiatives are vital to your SEO strategy. This makes a link building service essential for your business. Collaborating with a company at that end can bring you multiple benefits to help you reach your goals in your SEO endeavor. Some of the recognized benefits are as follows:

  • You will get quality content

Understanding the quality of content often requires expertise in terms of SEO. Link building providers share this skill with you by providing blueprints for your upcoming content. This type of blueprint will have valuable keywords to target, keyword frequencies, anchor text, and specific URLs to boost organically. As a result, your blog will be filled with quality content and valuable backlinks to support your marketing funnels.

  • You will Acquisition Quality backlinks

Getting quality backlinks is vital to increasing your domain authority. Quality backlinks are links from websites with high DA. Such links act as vouchers for your content and will increase your DA. Make sure your backlink provider offers links from websites that have a domain rating of at least 40.

  • They work hard for you

A link building campaign consists of initiatives that require valuable time and effort. Blogger outreach, guest posting, and link building reports are among the most common. However, not all companies offer a complete package. Their contributions to a reliable SEO backlink service should include the above mentioned initiatives. The general premise is that you have to give your feedback and approval but you don’t have to do “dirty work”.

Here are 7 things to look for when selecting a link building service

The market for link building agencies has grown over the last few years. More and more vendors are jumping on their customers offer and promising results. However, the truth is that SEO is not as utopian as it seems. The reason behind this can be stated in one sentence: No one knows how the Google algorithm works.

Since SEO experts do not know the algorithm, are backlink services reliable? Yes they are. Although they do not know the exact algorithm, SEO experts have identified processes and initiatives that increase ranking and organic traffic. However, it is a long, ongoing process that requires time and effort. Therefore, a successful link building company will give you long term results.

In short, choosing the right link building service can be difficult. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that prove the reliability of a potential service. These issues can be summarized in the following sentences: A link building service is a long, ongoing, frequent communication and transparent collaboration with long term results.

That said, you can consider the following checklist when looking for the best SEO link building services for your business.

1. They have skills in your niche

There is no one-size-fits-all in link building. If you want to ensure your success in SEO initiatives, you need a link builder who has experience in your niche. After all, link building requires content creation and distribution. You want someone who knows the needs of your audience and the insights into your art. This increases the chances of getting quality backlinks from relevant, trusted websites.

2. They do not promise immediate results

Link building is a long and ongoing process. Just as it takes time to rank published content, it also takes time for a link to contribute to the rankings. Typically, SEO experts try several strategies before finding the right one for your business. This process takes weeks, months, or even years, depending on the goals set.

Remember that no expert knows the right algorithm, you should be wary of companies that promise instant results. Therefore, during your search, give legitimacy points to companies that clarify the ongoing process of link building and avoid the promise of immediate output.

3. They set realistic goals

Regarding link building, you should avoid lots of promises. Since the field of SEO is vague, such promises seem shady and less “white hat”.

Professional SEO companies will do thorough research on your website and industry before setting goals. That said, trusted organizations offer link building capabilities and the goals they can deliver. Therefore, you may want to look for companies that offer realistic and deliverable goals instead of unrealistic output.

4. They value transparent communication

The key to any successful collaboration is transparency. In the long-term, ongoing process of link building, a reliable company will avoid hiding information. Therefore, you should be able to see the process, approve procedures, and communicate frequently. In general, transparency adds reliability since companies are not afraid to share information because they follow the agreement and meet pre-determined goals.

5. They give advice but do not agree with you

A link building service should be considered as a collaboration between the two parties. On the one hand, you know the goals of your business, on the other hand SEO experts. If the SEO company thinks that the proposed goal cannot be reached, then they should say it openly. It indicates that they recognize their abilities and are goal-oriented. An experienced marketing company will keep your advantage as the North Star and not your satisfaction.

6. They ask for your feedback along the way

No one knows your business better than you. Be aware of a reliable company that provides quality backlink services. That said, they ask for your feedback and initiative approval along the way. The whole progress should be transparent to you so that you can respond. By keeping a bird’s eye view of the process, you can be sure that everything is going according to the signed agreement.

7. They are responsible

SEO marketing is a volatile area. It requires a lot of testing and errors before you reach the path of success. Therefore, there are times when things go awry. If you provide the company with everything you need to get the job done and something goes wrong, they should be held accountable. A reliable marketing company will not hesitate to accept responsibility and take further steps to make up.

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Extra tip: 7 things to avoid when looking for a link building service

Unfortunately, there are shady companies in the link building market. However, when you search for the right link building service, you may see some red flags before signing a contract. Typically, the initial red flags stem from unrealistic promises, opaque progress, and rare communication among others.

In general, make sure you avoid companies that:

  1. Unfamiliar with your niche
  2. Unrealistic output promises
  3. Rarely communicate
  4. Avoid asking for your feedback
  5. Show clarity about progress
  6. Do not offer a specific plan
  7. Has a high client turnover

Following the checklist mentioned above does not guarantee you results. However, this increases the likelihood of avoiding major problems in upcoming collaborations with link builders. Plus, backlink building services are expensive, and you don’t want to risk entering into a long, ongoing fruitless collaboration.


Working with link builders and seeing results means you are ready for a long collaboration. It includes trials and errors, pitfalls, and achievements. So you should take time for research before choosing the right company for your business. A strong collaboration can provide tremendous benefits to SEO by increasing your rankings, your website’s DA and your ROI. So, addressing the main question of this article, we answer:

Yes, link building services are reliable.

Make sure you invest a significant amount of time in your pursuit. Consider finding a link building provider that matches your niche to ensure a high ROI in your endeavor. In addition, focus on collaborating with link builders who value transparency, frequent communication, and constructive feedback. This is the key to a successful link building service.

Finding the right service will ensure the benefits of your business in the long run, which is very effective in SEO marketing.