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If you are a Sears permanent employee, you may now know that you can enter your employee data online through the 88 Sears official portal. But how do you log in and access your account? Read on to find out how.

To make things easier and more convenient for employees, Sears Holdings Company has developed an online platform called 88Sears MyHR, where employees can access their human resources data anytime, everywhere on the premises.

In specific, employees have a way to work hours, salary status, unemployment coverage, retirement plans, investment and savings plans, and likewise.

Official Name88 Sears
PlatformEmployee Login
SiteOfficial WebSite

Login At 88 Sears Employee Account

The 88Sears login was formed by Es Sears department store for their employees. Sears employees can access their self-service accounts through the 88 Sears Employee Login portal. Logging into the Dears 88 account entitles workers to access to the personal data, sign up for benefits, view the work hours, and more.

  • Visit the 88 Sears official pages at the referral link.
  • In the Resources & Contacts section at the bottom right of the page, click MPI which is My Personal Information.
  • Enter the Business ID in the part rendered.
  • Enter the registered password in the box presented.
  • Click on the Login section.
  • If employees are unable to log in during the 88 Sears installation Click the Internal link in Assistant with the company ID/password.
  • If employees can’t log in when they don’t install 88 Sears portal then Click the External link in Assistant with the company ID/password.
  • To reset the password, enter the business ID, the last five digits of the social security number, and also the new password in the sections presented.
  • Confirm the new password by accessing the portal again in the corresponding section and then click reset.

This is the 88 Sears site on employee advantages. The website provides data on personnel and performance of all the employees. 88Esears is managed by the human resources department of the Sears department store chain.

The web portal can be accessed on a PC and also a mobile browser. See the lead below for the 88 Sears Connection Guide for the employee merely. 88 Sears ID was formed by the Sears department store chain. If you manage at 88Sears, you are allowed to access the 88Sears employee login portal.

Employees once logged in, the worker can reach various features such as advantages, salary data, work hours, and personal data related to the company. However, logging in is much easy and hassle-free if you memorize the credentials and have active internet connectivity.

If you have connection difficulties, employees can also check the browser version or also the contact support. New users will require to contact the Human Resources office to set up and access to 88Sears.

Requirements For The 88 Sears Online Portal Usage

To log into the 88Sears account online, they will require a few basics. Employees don’t have to worry as they are very essential things that can be discovered everywhere. These essential elements are:

  • A modernized internet browser
  • Good internet connectivity
  • The correct 88Sears registered username and relevant password
  • The exact URL to log in is 88sears.com/login

Forgot Password – 88 Sears Login Portal

This employee login site may not be accessible as Sears can simply access it inside. But do not worry as here we provide a link via an extranet to reset the password.

All Sears associates and members can reset their passwords hereby. After accessing the employee site, they will be asked to provide some particulars. They will be prompted to enter the company/user name, the first and last name, the organization name (in Sears stock), the email address registered, and the contact number. After mentioning all this, click on the Reset alternative.

  • To reset the password, the employee needs access to the login page.
  • Click on the section I forgot my password link at the bottom of the login section.
  • Then enter the required data and employees can set a new password for login procedure.

Customer Assistance & Guidelines

To log into the 88 Sears account online, just heed the easy steps below. These steps may be simplistic, but they are the most significant and fundamental footsteps. Consequently, they should be followed exactly and not casually. These are very manageable steps. If employees follow them closely, they can easily log in to the account.

First, you require to access the correct employee login portal URL. Employees can locate the official URL at 88sears.com. Click on it to go to the official 88 Sears login page. When you’re there, just inscribe the Sears88 login data and you’ll be able to obtain the account soon.

Benefits For The 88 Sears – Online Employee Portal

Many benefits can be obtained by logging in or just having the 88Sears account online. Therefore, it is extremely advised to have an account, but particularly for those who are allowed to do so. The associated privileges are listed below:

  • SHC updates will reach you soon
  • Employees have the benefits of registration with ID
  • Admittance to contacts, newsletters, information, and forms
  • Employees have access to manuals, SMM, and SAR.
  • Notice and advise on the pension fund.


That’s all we can give you the 88 Sears connection details. The Sears official Employee Login Portal certainly offers much more. Employees can find a reasonable number of features once you’ve logged into the Sears or 88Sears Employee Self Service Account.

Don’t worry if you try to log into the 88Sears account online, but can’t. Even if they have forgotten the registered password, they don’t have to worry as the reset procedure is much easy to follow in minutes. Sears was organized in the year 1893, making it a very old organization. The company had three co-founders.

Those three were Alvah Roebuck, Julius Rosenwald, and Richard Sears described the company. In the year 1989, 88 Sears had the highest federal income of all retailers in the USA. Here are a series of informational articles to assist you to log into the 88 Sears account online.

Here we explain all the problems Sears employees are facing. This includes difficulties like forgetting the password. Read the full article and tell us regarding the relevant experience in the comments below.