8 Reads to Beat the Summer E-Learning L&D Heat: Hidden Ebook Gems

Ebooks to keep your L&D cool this summer

Is your L&D team feeling burnt out? Heat waves may be sweeping the globe this year, but education and development professionals are also looking for ways to keep their content cool (and engaging) for remote learners. These eLearning eBooks can help you beat the heat, covering everything from demonstrating business impact to mapping your microlearning journey.

8 eLearning Summer Reads You Don’t Want to Miss

1. Insider Secrets to Choosing the Best Custom Learning Solutions for the Future of Work by Integra

Many organizations hire external providers to manage the development and delivery of training assets, from custom-tailored JIT tools to immersive VR simulations. However, choosing the best learning solution can be a difficult process. This e-book walks you through every aspect of the assessment process so you can easily choose the right solution for your organization.

2. Further Inclusion of Collaborative Learning for Hybrid Workers by Brainier

As millions of workers return to the workplace and readjust to in-person collaboration, many will remain virtual, at least part of the time. Regardless of location, ongoing employee collaboration is a non-negotiable for organizations operating, innovating and staying competitive in hopes of retaining top talent. Download this eBook to learn how to enable in-person and remote employees to contribute on an equal footing through collaborative learning.

3. 5 Strategic Imperatives for High-Growth Education Businesses by Thought Industry

After months of interviewing training and learning businesses, documenting their wisdom and learning from their mistakes, what Thought Industries found surprised them. This e-book covers the top five essentials they’ve learned from successful training organizations.

4. Demonstrating real business impact: How to measure and maximize your learning outcomes with NuVeda

In order to drive learning and development initiatives in the right direction, thinking about the outcomes of these programs is an absolute prerequisite, before you dive into the design process. This eBook provides guidance on how to measure learning outcomes and tips on choosing a learning platform that can help you demonstrate real business impact.

5. Introduction of E-Learning in Telecom Industry by TalentLMS

As the global pandemic unfolds, virtual connections quickly become a staple of work and personal communication. The business world has gone through a rapid digital transformation, and telecommunications solutions and services have adapted quickly. Discover tips to help your entire telecom organization lean into training instead of checking out.

6. Your Microlearning Journey Roadmap: How to Launch a Microlearning Game-Based Strategy That Gets Results Fast by Code of Talent

Game-based learning shifts the focus of learning from basic lectures and written texts to a more interactive approach to learning that helps participants acquire skills and work toward their goals and objectives. This e-book explores the benefits of game-based learning and how it helps bridge gaps and enhance performance.

7. Employee Onboarding: A Process for the Future of Work by Allen Communication Learning Services

This ebook explores the role of the employee onboarding process and best practices for designing, developing, and deploying onboarding initiatives for your modern workforce. Allencom highlights strategies, technologies and approaches you can use to develop effective employee onboarding programs that have a long-term impact on employee performance.

8. Transition to Distance Education: The Need of the Hour by Harbinger Interactive Learning

Organizations are now embracing digital transformation and distance learning in their L&D departments by migrating from ILT to VILT Before implementing digital transformation steps and using solution levers, it is important to assess maturity and readiness.

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