8 Features for Your New Employee Training LMS

In many ways, your LMS is your digital campus. From an outward-facing perspective, your website has more significance. But inside your organization, even the website itself can be managed through the LMS. So, you want to be sure that your employee training LMS investment is the right one. Having the right shopping list (and an adequate budget) contributes greatly to this. Given that your obligations will dictate how much your finances allow you to play with, what should you put down?

Ebook Release: Time for New Employee Training Software?  Your guide to finding the right LMS match

Ebook release

Is it time for new employee training software? Your guide to finding the right LMS match

This ebook will help you make a strong business case for new employee training software, as well as find the perfect LMS match for your organization.

1. Functions

Enter what you want your LMS to do Get a list from each employee or department, making sure you don’t leave anything out. (They can send you an email or you can host a meeting to get their input.) Divide your list into required and optional. For example, payroll and invoices are mandatory (courtesy of LMS integration). Self-designed trainee avatars are fun, but not strictly necessary.

2. Properties

Although related to function, attributes are not always the same thing. As just one example, your LMS can be used to spread the salary. This capability can be enhanced by a notification feature, letting staff members know when their wages have hit their account. And while all LMSs should have detailed data collectors, you may want one that generates automated reports. As opposed to one that allows you to log into different areas and copy-paste data into Word/Excel. This data will then be used to manually generate a report, which takes longer than clicking “Print”.

3. Price points

You get paid for what you do. This means that if you limit your budget, you are limiting your features. That said, you’re running a business, so you need to consider ROI. Try to calculate an upper limit and shop below it. Create an accurate budget so you know what you’re working with Then conduct research based on these price points. While you’re at it, narrow the search based on deployment type. For example, you need an employee training LMS that is cloud-based and falls under your $20/user cap.

4. Billing Model

Quickly search for ballpark new employee training LMS statistics, tell your estimate and get approved. Narrow down to your top 3. If the price is out of your budget, approach the account again with fact-based reasons for the increase. A key part of this bargain is the payment model. Annual licensing, maintenance fees, per user charges, upgrades and monthly subscriptions. Getting any one of these wrong can push your costs from the hundreds to the thousands (and back), so check carefully.

5. Vendor support

What business sector are you in? Some industries require more IT knowledge than others, meaning you have a strong team of computer people from day one. So, you may not need as much technical support from your vendor. But if your work crew is more on the Luddite side of life, you want 24-7 tech support. Especially the kind that can solve your problem without making you feel stupid. You want your team to feel comfortable asking for help – not so scared they crash your entire system before they call 1-800-HEEELLPP!! Test it during the trial so you can see how they answer your questions and how quickly. For example, can they actually provide you with a solution that you understand, or is it all words?

6. Scalability

While you are looking for the billing model, you can keep an eye out for the number of users Some employees use the LMS on a daily basis – for example, project managers or traffic officers who schedule work. Or the security guard who watches people in and out. Others will use their software once a month for regular training. So, you can have separate accounts for regulars and one-off/guest accounts for trainees. If you pay per user, check if your vendor makes it easy to add or reduce the number of active accounts. The same principle applies to properties. Can you add additional functions in the future to accommodate your new purpose?

7. Smartphone option

For LMSs that have built-in apps or mobile responsive/adaptive functionality, double check compatibility. iOS generally has better security features while Android is more accessible so there are more apps available. Don’t just focus on the type of phone your employees are using. If you decide to go Android / iOS, think about the practicality of replacing the competing model. Or find an LMS that has cut-apps (which cover these two plus Symbian, Windows, Blackberry, etc.)

8. Local Licensing

Like Nofty’s DVDs and today’s streaming services, employee training software licensing can vary by region. This regionalism sometimes limits libraries, release dates and functionality. Thus, if you have multilingual staff, franchises or global branches, consider costs. You may need to purchase multiple versions for multiple time zones and borders. And that price can shoot way up. Worse, it could mean your employees aren’t getting the same benefits, because key features are blocked in their country.


Sometimes, when you’re shopping, you get better products by knowing where to look. Or what to look for. Other times, you just get lucky. In an ideal scenario, you have free shopping reins for your employee training LMS. What items should be on your short list? Functions, features, cost, pricing model, technical support, customer care, scale, mobile access, and licensing. There are others but start with these and you are sure to get high-value software.

Finding the best employee training software for your organization doesn’t have to be a headache. It’s about streamlining your research and starting with a list of the best choices. Use our free online directory to locate the best LMS solutions for your company. You can also compare your top 3 platforms to see their features, prancing models and support services side by side.

Download eBook Is It Time for New Employee Training Software? Your guide to finding the right LMS match to build a strong business case for new employee training software and choose the best solution.

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