11 e-learning ebooks to help your L&D program blossom

11 e-learning ebooks you should check out this spring

Spring has come and it’s time to do some simple household chores, especially when it comes to the L&D program. Fortunately, these e-learning ebooks can help you nurture your inner talent, identify areas for improvement in training, and tackle emerging challenges.

11 e-learning ebooks to add hidden gems to your virtual bookshelf

1. Time for change: How to launch a successful cultural transformation training strategy for your enterprise by Docebo

This ebook helps you introduce employees to new brand values, corporate beliefs and the core principles of your changed organizational culture. It shows you how your brand can continue to grow with the right cultural transformation training techniques.

2. Reconstruction of Talent Development: How Technology Training is Redefining Performance Management

This ebook explores how technology is redefining performance management, the gaps in experience that remain, and how new, intelligent solutions are leading HR leaders and employees in a better, more efficient and efficient way.

3. 10 awesome realities of corporate e-learning by Allen Interaction

It is usually a good idea to look at the general practices in the field as a guide to follow reliable models. Unknown to many, in e-learning, this is often a recipe for disaster. In this ebook, you will find 10 (unfortunately) common design practices that present some awesome realities of corporate e-learning.

4. Transition to Distance Learning: Time required by Harbinger Interactive Learning

Companies are now shifting from ILT to VILT to digital transformation and distance learning in their L&D department. Before implementing digital conversion steps and using solution levers, it is important to evaluate maturity and readiness.

5. Nurturing modern students through modern education technology by reverse LMS

As distance work and learning became a norm, L&D had to innovate for modern beginners. This guide provides a comprehensive insight into how L&D can meet the needs of such students.

6. Maturity subject of education: Education management survey by Cornerstone On Demand

In the summer of 2020, Cornerstone surveyed HR and learning professionals about the current state of learning in their organization. Here’s what we can learn from the answers and steps to move forward based on the results of the learning management survey.

7. The Future of Work: Introductory Design by Allen Communications to Transform E-Learning into VILT in 2021

This e-book includes information for transforming into a new, hybrid workplace that includes both personal and remote work. Learn how transforming VILT into e-learning through effective instructional design can revolutionize your L&D initiative!

8. Adaptation is the new plan: SAP is at the core of training by Litmos

COVID-19 has proven that the business environment can change unexpectedly and is less in control than we think. Competitive advantage went to those who adapt quickly, especially when it comes to training people. SAP Litmos shows you how to create a flexible training and business strategy to deal with emerging challenges. Discover why adapt new plans!

9. Text-to-Speech for L&D Professionals: The Next Frontier to Wellsed Labs Storytelling

Discover how to connect with your online students and break down accessibility barriers with the right technology. This ebook explores the many benefits and tips of animated speech synthesis for choosing the best AI voice generator for your corporate training videos.

10. Employ virtual staff with a learning culture through D2L

Companies need to address remote work issues such as effective collaboration and access to resources. This guide looks at the three challenges that can accompany remote work and the steps that can help each organization build a vibrant culture of learning.

11. Spark the transformation of a digital workplace by iTacit

For frontline and remote employees, intelligent, digital workforce tools make their transitions more fulfilling and productive. They benefit from technology at every point of their day. Preparing employees for tomorrow’s work is key to helping employees stay motivated to learn and willing to contribute. Light up the spark with this insightful ebook!

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