10 Ways You’re Doing Gamification Wrong

Are you making the most of e-learning gamification?

A common misconception about gamification is that you can add a few layers to your existing course or offer a few rewards to make the knowledge stick. However, creating a successful gamification plan of action requires balance and ideal design elements. Avoiding some of the most common faux pas won’t hurt either. This eBook will help you navigate the sometimes choppy waters of eLearning gamification to inspire, engage, and motivate your online learners.

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10 Ways You’re Doing Gamification Wrong

This ebook covers 10 common mistakes – and how to fix them.

How Gamification Mistakes Can Derail L&D Success

Done well, gamification has the power to increase interactivity and provide insightful feedback. That said, repeated mistakes can potentially confuse students and prevent them from achieving desired results. For example, your gamification strategy doesn’t align with business objectives or doesn’t highlight serious content. This is where this guide clears up gamification implementation and design pitfalls to take your program to the next level.

About this eBook

Is your gamification strategy text-heavy? Are you working with students’ intrinsic motivation? This e-book can help you avoid gamification mistakes and get your program back on track. Here’s a quick glimpse of what you’ll find inside:

  • When you’re just focused on fun: Choose a game type that effectively supports your performance goals.
  • Adding Feedback: Effective feedback allows you to capitalize on the moment of need.
  • When your game structure is flawed: Keep asking students, “What next?”
  • Your prize or prizes aren’t motivating enough: Make sure everyone gets a prize—one grand prize doesn’t work.
  • Excessive Text: Multimedia elements can make the game more relatable.
  • Use Blended Learning: Learners tend to go on autopilot when all the training looks the same.


Download the e-book 10 Ways You’re Doing Gamification Wrong to identify areas for improvement and avoid the most common gamification pitfalls.

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