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UpVoice states that as a panelist, individuals can earn at least $ 75 a year in free gift cards outwardly doing analysis at social media. As a user can see, in the online world, this is the common fitting for the current trend.

Yes, individuals have heard that there is an official payment platform called UpVoice that guarantees that a particular user can earn $ 75 or more in the first year. Only $ 75 for a whole year? Wait until to hear the other frame of the equating before cutting it.

A registered user can earn this amount actually without doing anything that you wouldn’t do nevertheless. No analysis, no study, no discussion assemblies, no product evaluations! But how is this possible? To get relevant answers a user must examine the platform in depth.

Official NameUpVoice
TaskBrowse Social Media
EarningsCash Rewards, Gift Cards
PurposeOnline Review Portal
SiteOfficial WebSite

What is UpVoice & Its Offers?

As stated above, UpVoice is an official website that requires you to reward a user for the information you have previously done online. It is a bit more restrictive than most sites. If any user searches on Google, they can locate several sites called UpVoice.

This website is a language app and is NOT included in this article. Now let’s get the highlights about the UpVoice. This official online platform UpVoice is dominated by a market analysis company that assists brands to make marketing decisions.

Individuals can do this by providing members to join the panel. As stated above, they are unique in that they utilize a Google Chrome addition to collect all the data you require. So, let’s see how you can earn with UpVoice.

How does The UpVoice Portal Work?

For the registration procedure, you require an active Facebook profile, as this is the only access to register. Individuals will require to fill out a short contact form. The short form is short and just ask for the name, date of birth, gender, nation, and city.

As soon as you access this data, boom! They accepted me, without further questionnaires. These days, they seem to be very cautious about supporting anyone to access while living in the USA. Unfortunately, the registered user is not accessible if you live elsewhere.

They then installed their Chrome extension so they could track my browsing sessions on selected websites. In fact, it is the only thing that requires an active effort on your part.

After putting it on, forget it! The extension collects information automatically and anonymously about the ads you see on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.

Each social media session turns into a certain amount of daily tokens that you can redeem for gift cards. It’s a shame that cash isn’t an option, but gift cards are still the second-best, especially those from Amazon.

How Much UpVoice Pay To Users?

UpVoice claims that you can earn at least $ 75 per year for your efforts, as long as you visit one of these sites at least once a day. Let’s see how real math works here. The primary thing to have in mind is that 600 UpVoice tokens are equal to $ 10. This is also the lowest possible refund amount.

This is what UpVoice remarks about their user-oriented payment system:-

  • Signup Bonus – Receive a 300 ($ 5) signup bonus when a user signs up for the UpVoice.
  • Navigation – Earn 10 tokens per day by hitting at least one or more of the participating stations. It costs $ 0.16, which is not bad for the computer!
  • Stage Bonus – Individuals will get bonus tokens for reaching certain token values. For instance, users will earn 240 chips when a user reaches 2,100 chips.

UpVoice is also an informal way to conserve a track of the weekly wages to make sure you’ve hit the 70 tokens per week:

  • 70 chips per week resemble 3,640 chips.
  • This associate to $ 60.

If individuals consider the 550 additional bonus tokens currently accessible for milestone payments, that adds up to a supplementary $ 9. And since a user gets a $ 5 sign-up bonus boom, the $ 75 free yearly income just comes from using UpVoice!

UpVoice is real. After tackling this plugin for a few weeks and receiving my first $ 10 bonus, users can verify that UpVoice paid on time and the procedure was very easy:-

Individuals don’t forget to verify the email address one signed up with to recover the gift card code! In total, it received about 5 days within the refund and the receipt of the relevant gift card.

UpVoice Online Portal Profile – Legit Or A Scam?

UpVoice Panel is a BrandTotal market survey project. This corporation is chargeable for examining what is called dark retailing, that is, advertising propositions usually invisible to those who are not their authors, as well as to the customer.

If individuals are a salesperson, they want to know when the competition is doing. That is why UpVoice has formed as a tool that resides in users’ browsers and monitors the personalized posting offered to those customers.

According to the most commonly asked questionnaires, they only get non-personal data, such as demographic data. Also, they particularly use gross data. This supposes that John Doe and his own Facebook chats are not connected to anyone.

Regarding the legitimacy of the panel, it is in full agreement with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), although the before-mentioned compliance is not necessary, since the data is unknown and not identifiable.


As including all other passive data gathering methods, some individuals will simply pass it by based on the data you accumulate. Of all the other enduring data collection alternatives, this data is apparently less personal/significant, so this time more individuals may be feeling to bite.

Furthermore, all of these social media sites are previously receiving this data and using it for their own perk. With this online portal panel, at least, the user gets paid for it, particularly when you consider how much the target gets completed.

This post will be attached to the new mega passive data gathering post as soon as the user finishes in a month or two depending on my speed. Feel free to reflect on the questions/concerns about this online earning portal.